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I bet we've all heard the news regarding Jessica Lange leaving [American Horror Story](tag:206668), but recently during San Diego [Comic-Con](tag:1029427), Ryan Murphy hinted at Jessica Lange's possible return for Season 6 of American Horror Story. During the panel, Ryan Murphy, talking about the show's way of using actors in certain seasons, said:

"This format I love because you say to the actors "let me know I need you for one season" and after that if you love it, great let's do it again, and if you don't, go off and do something else. Or go off for a year and then come back, a.k.a. Jessica Lange."
FX Networks
FX Networks

With this being said, it is safe to say that Ryan Murphy isn't ready to let go of Jessica Lange completely. After all, Jessica Lange did play some pretty badass women throughout the seasons and gave them each a mind-blowing performance. She also won three Primetime Emmy Awards, two of which were for her performances in American Horror Story. Although there is a slight chance Ms. Lange could make her way into Hotel, it isn't very likely due to Ryan's statement about her skipping a season. But hey, one season without Jessica Lange is better than the rest of the series without her.

Check out the Season 5 promo below:




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