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Minions is the story about the tribe of cute little creatures called the Minions, whose only purpose in life is to find the most evil, despicable villain on the planet and follow him or her. Unfortunately they seem to be bad at keeping a boss. With their fellow minions falling into a depression Kevin gives them all hope by going out to search for a new boss. Along side Stuart and the oh so adorable Bob, Kevin finds Scarlet Overkill (the worlds most evil villain) and her husband/inventor Herb and are given a chance to be minions to Scarlet if they can steal the Queen of England's crown. There are a lot of personal motivations in this movie which are interesting. Kevin wants the opportunity to save his tribe and be a hero by finding the minions a new boss, Stuart seems to be more focused on becoming a guitar legend, and Bob just wants to be apart of the group and is very excited about everything (a bit like a little kid). Scarlet Overkill is played by Sandra Bullock and clearly has some deep issues from childhood that only a therapist or maybe Bob can cure given her reasoning for wanting the crown (which is a little silly but satisfactory for an animated family film), she is still a very interesting a surprising character nonetheless.

There were a lot of fairly funny moments in this movie, probably a lot more for the little ones, and a few really funny scenes. Who doesn't love the minions. I also loved the addition at the end of the movie where we get to see how they meet their future boss Gru.

My only real problem with this movie was the language of the minions. Using English (or what sounds close enough to) for only the odd word the minions have a language all their own, which is cute and funny of course and while this was okay in the despicable me movies (as they only had so many lines) I felt it be a little much for a solo film. A fair bit of interpretation can go into figuring out what the minions are saying depending on the scene and for a movie where a large part of the dialogue was minion on minion in the beginning, I found it slightly annoying. I found my self losing focus on the film as it didn't really hold my attention, this could have been remedied by having subtitles for the minions language if not for the entire time they spoke at least for certain parts. They did attempt to help this problem by using the wonderful Geoffrey Rush as a narrator to speak to us when the minions could not. Regardless their are plenty of funny moments and this movie is great for a family flick for all ages.

I just recommend beefing up on your minion language, you can start by trying here :

or if you are already fluent search here for the showtimes:


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