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A Very fANTastic Movie!

So unless you've been hiding under a rock, have had other plans, or for some stupid reason hate Marvel movies, you should have seen Ant-Man by now! Honestly, this movie blew my expectations away. Having so many delays and the change of directors, I was incredibly nervous for this film. Yet, it surprised me by being a good film. So on behalf of myself and every other fan, thank you Marvel Studios for another great movie! The director was great, the actors were great, the story was great, and of course the comedy was great! Unfortunately, that's not why we're here. The real reason we're here is because.....


"Yeah? Shoot,"- Scott
"Yeah? Shoot,"- Scott

So in case you haven't seen Ant-Man yet, I will provide a spoiler warning below. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! SPOILERS FOR ANT-MAN BELOW!

At the end of Ant-Man, Scott receives a phone call. The ID of the caller is not revealed, only to have Scott tell us that "It's work." Most people probably assumed that it was Hank or Hope calling again for more assistance, which I believe is what Peyton Reed wanted us to think. Only, if you stayed around for the post credits scene, you would know who really called.

"I know a guy...."
"I know a guy...."

Wait, what?! You mean to tell me that Falcon was calling Scott? How can that be? When we last saw Falcon and Scott together on screen, they were kinda trying to kick each other's butts! However, if you paid attention to Scott's last conversation with Luis, this whole thing starts to make more sense.

Falcon Is Looking For Ant-Man

This comes as no surprise because Luis straight up tells us this info! Ya know he's all like "Dude Scott man, there's like this Avenger guy and he's looking for you!" That is my own paraphrase of Luis's lines of course. Then Scott get's the phone call. Then, this happens.

Cap and Falcon find someone.
Cap and Falcon find someone.
I found our missing person.
I found our missing person.
Hey guys! A little help?
Hey guys! A little help?

The end credits roll around and we see two figures in a dark shadowy building. There is a huge machine in the middle and someone is trapped in it. It is revealed that Cap and Falcon are the two mysterious figures and that Bucky Barnes's robotic arm is caught in this vice-like machine. Bucky looks like death, while Cap and Falcon sport concerned looks. This dialogue follows:

Falcon: This would've been a lot easier a week ago.

Cap: If we call Tony..

Falcon: He won't believe us..

Cap: Even if he did..

Falcon: Who knows if the accords will even let him help.

Cap: We're on our own.

Falcon: Maybe not. I know a guy.


It's quite obvious that Falcon is referring to Scott in this cryptic scene. Also, that end credits scene WAS NOT ANT-MAN FOOTAGE! WE JUST SAW OUR FIRST FOOTAGE FROM CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR! Anyway, there is no doubt in my mind that Falcon is the one calling Scott at the end of the film. It all adds up. Cap and Falcon find Bucky. They need to rescue Bucky, but can't go to Tony because of "the accords". Falcon knows Scott can help, so Falcon asks him to help free Bucky. How do I know for sure though? Because Peyton Reed said so. In an interview with EW, Reed spilled the beans on both post credits tags. Here is a quote from Reed,

"We know, at the end of the movie, that Falcon is looking for Ant-Man, so now it really made sense to tease Civil War and to tease Ant-Man’s part in Civil War by having that scene with Captain America and Falcon," - Peyton Reed

So There Ya Have It!

We now know it was Falcon getting a hold of Scott and we also know how Ant-Man will be introduced in the movie. It was a great tease for Civil War as well as Ant-Man's role in Civil War. Unfortunately, as with almost all post credits scenes in Marvel movies, we are left with more questions than answers. What happened to Bucky? How did he get trapped? What are the accords? Why are Falcon and Cap not in their uniforms? Why can't Falcon and Cap call Tony? WHAT ARE THE FREAKING ACCORDS? All of these questions will of course be answered next May when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters!

Now That You Know,

Now that we have discussed those spoilers for Ant-Man, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below!


What do you think the accords are?


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