ByZuha Rasool, writer at
... lol to think someone would care SO freaking much about some character is really sad, I bet you don't socialise much do you? Other than the internet of course. It is completely idiotic to make THIS BIG a fuss over Camile of TO. Like please grow up these story writers and directors are much more experienced and definitely more intelligent hence the reason why you aren't directing this story in the first place. If it was otherwise you'd be the one directing this show but you're not so... I think you get the catch. The point is, you do have the right to criticise but you aren't suppose to let yourself be blinded by the story line and criticise the actor/actress who are clearly doing their job well, you should never over-do criticisms there's a limit to everything, just like you the actors are also human, they feel physical and emotional pain JUST LIKE YOU. This is just the same as cyber bullying freedom of speech has a limit too, you can check the human rights rules and regulations, this completely equals harrasment and it should be treated as a crime. You should be shameful of your behaviorr because this shows that your family hasntt taught you well about manners and respect, if you cantt stand a a character in a movie or a show yes you can criticise but to a limit, in keeping that you dontt emotionally harm anyone in the process. Guess what, even though theress a little group of haters hating over a character there's ten times more of that group that simply love the character and majority wins all. So suck it up, act a little mature atleastt and get over it, if you're a minority opinion you can just stop watching the show if you hate it THAT much. And please try to focus on your reality more than fiction, do yourself a favorr and live in the real world. THANKYOU!

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