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The Sword in the Stone is one of the greatest Disney films to have been produced from the time when Walt Disney himself was still alive, yet it is still looked over and forgotten about. This movie has everything a live-action remake could possibly ask for, so why hasn't it been given a shot at a live-action film?

To prove that the film would make an awesome live-action adaption, here are five of the top reasons:

5. The Plot

The film focuses on wizard Merlin teaching a young boy who is destined to be King Arthur and proves to be very educational for the younger ones. The original plot doesn't need to be changed much for people to understand overall story and adventure to the film.

To make the film longer, I assume Disney would look to adding more songs into the film and go deeper into the characters.

4. It Would Bring in an Audience

As well with fans of the original Disney film, fans of the BBC TV series Merlin would be bound to see the live-action remake as they are already familiar with the characters of King Arthur and Merlin. Not only would it draw in the fans of the TV series, it would also drag in fans of the legend of King Arthur. It could mean big bucks at the box office for Disney.

3. It's Both Historical and Goofy

One part earnest historical drama and another part goofy episodic comedy, The Sword in the Stone has a rambling narrative that belies its mythic underpinnings. There are plenty of one liners within the film and hidden jokes which help to bring the lighter side of the setting.

2. Quirky Characters

What would a film be without the brave hero, side kick and villain? Nothing. Lucky for The Sword in the Stone it has all three! All the characters are relatable one way or the other and are not one sided.

Arthur for instance, the films protagonist, is seen being bullied within the first scenes that he appears, as well as being constantly called "Wart." However Arthur, who has little education, takes on a student role from Merlin and develops his education further. His dreams of becoming something more than he is allows for the audience to connect, which is what's needed for a live-action film.

1. Higitus Figitus Zumbabazing

The film is full of magic and spells, the foundation for practically any Disney film. One of the main characters, Merlin, himself is a magician and performs his magic and spells quite frequently throughout the film.

A good example of this is in the song 'Higitus Figitus' where Merlin packs away all of his belongings into one small carry bag. If this scene was represented in a live-action form, it would be both spectacular and picturesque. Special effects could really bring this film to life in a way we had never seen before.


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