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Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of cult classic teen movie Clueless, and it wouldn't have slipped through the net without at least one memory-lane shoutout from a member of the cast. Breckin Meyer a.k.a. everybody's favorite skateboarding stoner, Travis, was the one who firmly took the social-media reigns when he shared this awesome photo:

Hung out with an old friend today.

Awww. He has always been rather great at nailing acknowledgments though. Remember his tardiness acceptance speech?

Personally, I always thought Travis was somewhat overlooked in the whole Clueless guy game. Yes, he was always late and yes, he was kind of gross, but he loved Tai way before her makeover and he would diligently clean your expensive shoes after dropping cheap keg beer all over them. Also, the boy knows how to tackle a half-pipe and that counts for a lot.

But what has Breckin been up to for the last 20 years?

Since Clueless, Breckin has appeared in a number of movies such as teen staples, The Craft, Party of Five, Can't Hardly Wait, Road Trip and Josie and the Pussycats. He also starred in Garfield, Blast, Herbie Fully Loaded, Corporate Affairs, the TV show Heroes and a lot of Robot Chicken episodes.

Additionally, he has been busy winning Instagram. So, we are marking this occasion with a few splendid posts of him being adorable and stuff in various situations.

1. Being 'pre-Uber' with Seth Green

2. Being 'The Sexiest Jedi'

3. Being precious with Gollum

4. Being Garfield vs. Ninja Turtle

5. Being cute yet creepy with that chick from Frozen

6. Being Spiderman in work mode

7 and 8. Being...Myidol..?

Essentially, Breckin Meyer gets 'two enthusiastic thumbs up' from MP!


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