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The Minions have just found themselves a whole new reason to be be loved! These fun-loving yellow creatures look like they have found themselves a new master to support as one of these little guys has just saved a five-year-old girl's life! Minions to the rescue…

The terrifying ordeal unfolded in Colorado as the five-year-old girl was playing in her bedroom on the third floor of a building. Somehow she managed to fall backwards out of the window, plunging to the ground below. But amazingly, she was saved thanks to her stuffed Minion.

As the little girl fell, she held on tight to her cuddly Minion friend which cushioned her fall, helping to absorb the impact of the plunge. Police even released a statement saying that they believe that the stuffed toy helped to save her life:

Fortunately, when the child fell out of the window, she continued holding on to a stuffed Minion teddy bear that is believed to have cushioned her fall.

I can only guess that her heroic Minion would have looked something like this:

The five-year-old girl was taken to the hospital but amazingly escaped the dramatic fall with just a broken arm. This could have been a devastating tumble, but thanks to the goggle-eyed yellow friend she was saved!

Minions can be heroes too! David Beckham even has a tattoo of one, chosen by his daughter Harper. I bet people won't be laughing at his design now!

The newly released Minions film is doing exceptionally well and at its debut took an incredible $115.2m at the US box office last weekend. I think this figure will soar even higher now with the news of these badass little heroes in disguise spreading!

Bananas all around for the brave little Minions!

Source: Independent


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