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Any hardcore Disney fan worth their salt has daydreamed about being transported into their favorite movie, and these talented portrait artists have the power to make those idle thoughts a least in visual terms, anyhow!

Below is a round up of some of the most awesome Disney style portraits from the DeviantArt community, and many of those featured do commissions if you'd like to see how you'd look through the magical Disney mirror!

The burning question is, who do you think would do the best job of transporting you to Atlantica, Agrabah and beyond? Check out the list below to find out!

Blonde Bombshell

Image by: AllisonBarazza

Disney's '50s style was a lot more purist, but Allison Barazza has imagined a more contemporary bombshell.

Charmed, I'm Sure

Image by: Cor104

Prince Charming seems much better suited to his last name in this adorable self-portrait of the artist at work being cheered on by some furry friends.

Punky Princess

Image by: UrsulaDecay

Here's proof that princesses don't have to have a sugar and spice image to retain their Disney charm.

Prim Up

Image by: Robert DeJesus

Robert DeJesus has transformed this prim pin up model into an adorable Disney damsel and shown some serious proportion skills.

Specs Appeal

Image by: AllisonBarazza

Who said that glasses weren't glamorous enough for a Disney heroine?

The Magic Kingdom

Image by: RiverCreek

River Creek's self portrait places her in a fantasy kingdom worthy of the Disney universe.

Game On

Image by: Robert DeJesus

No Disney prince has mastered the SNES, and I'm not adverse to seeing that happen!

Magical Realism

Image by: Konohakitten

Kitten knows that Cheetos are a more common sight than castles, but still transports her subject to a whole new world.

Flight of Fancy

Image by: OnTheMountainTop

I always said Hercules needed more harpies...

Bang On

Image by: ClarkeGilmore

This stunning self-portrait with bangs has got Disney's signature tumbling locks on point!

Fawn Again

Image by: Fambi

This surrealist portrait seamlessly merges two distinct Disney styles.

Pitch Black

Image by: Rendevous2279

Move over Snow White, Pitch Black is in town and she is just as good at taming birds as you are!

Herculean Talent

Image by: Robert DeJesus

Megara? Is that you?

Style and Substance

Image by: EricKnupp

Eric Knupp has dragged Disney style into the modern age with his slick haircut and stylish togs.

Do You Want to Make Some Artwork?

Image by: Doretetsu

Doretetsu channels Anna and Elsa's style in this absolutely adorable self-portrait!


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