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(Warning: there are no spoilers for Ant-Man in this article, this disclaimer is here simply because I thought it would be funny. Great, I know...)

With the immense success of Marvel bringing their B-list badasses the Guardians of the Galaxy to the silver screen, it's only natural that the giants of entertainment would be flitting through their veritable treasure trove of characters like beautiful and rare vinyl, in order to give them their first shot at the limelight.

But if you were thinking that Ant-Man's recent cinematic release was the first time the miniature marauder has been seen on screen, you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that Saturday Night Live beat Marvel to the punch!

Way back in 1979, when the legend that was John Belushi was in his prime, SNL threw together a skit where some of DC and Marvel's finest came together for a "Superhero Party."

Bill Murray was Superman, Superman: The Movie's Margot Kidder guest-starred as Lois Lane, Dan Aykroyd was The Flash, Belushi was The Incredible Hulk and Garrett Morris popped on the iconic fishbowl helmet to portray Hank Pym's Ant-Man.

Who's Garrett Morris?

Garrett Morris
Garrett Morris

Okay, so now you're thinking, who is Garrett Morris and why does this matter? Morris, recognizable for his role in CBS' 2 Broke Girls, cameos as a cab driver in Marvel's Ant-Man.

Morris & Belushi
Morris & Belushi

Given the movie's heavy comedic tone and constant jabs at the hilarity of the lead character's moniker, his cameo could in fact be a hat tip to the SNL sketch from back in the day.

Due to Ant-Man's notoriously divisive introduction back in Marvel's silver age, Pym's exploits were ridiculed and not well received. In the SNL skit, Ant-Man is picked upon for, well, generally being a bit wack when in the company of the fastest man on earth and the big green rage monster.

Have a look for yourself:

I bet that's Spider-Woman's first televisual appearance, too!

So, in a meta piece of nerdy news, there were actually three Ant-Mans in Marvel's Ant-Man, man. How's that for an infestation?

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