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(Warning, if you haven't yet seen Marvel's Ant-Man, then the following isn't just full of SPOILERS - it's a veritable minefield of major plot reveals and gag-ruiners...Proceed with caution...or go watch the movie first. Don't worry, we'll wait...)

So. Ant-Man.

By now, there's a pretty solid chance that you've not only seen it, but have then walked out of the theater afterwards with the traditional cheesy grin of someone who's just seen a Marvel movie. Now, when it comes to the greatest moments in a movie, it's impossible to be anything other than completely subjective - but, well, when has that stopped any of us from having opinions before?

Here, then, are my personal 10 favorite moments from the movie - let me know below which you agree with, and which I'm completely wrong about!

First up:

1. The Cold Open

Because combining a Peggy Carter cameo with a Howard Stark one is always a good idea.

2. The Michael Peña Montages

Actually, scratch that - pretty much everything Michael Peña did in the movie deserves a special mention for services to awesomeness, so this one should really just read 'The Michael Peña.'

3. Cassie Lang's Big Moment

Sure, telling her dad that her mom (and his ex-wife) was so 'excited' by his arrival that she basically choked may not have been all that smooth a move, but it's good to see Cassie Lang - who comic book fans'll remember ends up a hero in her own right when she gets a little older - get a moment to shine...

4. The Training Montages

Who needs Sly Stallone (or, traditionally, Burgess Meredith) to train you when you've got a gigantic horde of essentially super-powered ants. And Anthony, of course...

5. The Falcon

Now, just having Anthony Mackie's Falcon cameo in the movie would've been cool enough - but that final line about not telling Cap? That one's guaranteed to bring the house down every time.

6. The Original Wasp

Sure, we didn't get to see her face, but original (comic book) Avenger Janet van Dyne finally got to take her place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and did so as exactly the kind of courageous bad-ass we all know and love from the comics. Let's hope we get to see more of her next time out...

7. That Tank

Because of course Hank Pym had a tank on his keychain for a reason...

8. The Microverse Beckons

OK, fine, so technically it's just a quantum realm, "where all concepts of time and space are irrelevant," but it sure does seem as though we've just had a whole new area of the MCU opened up to us - and fans of the comics'll surely recognize a distinct resemblance to the miniature universe known as the Microverse...

9. The (Modern Day) Wasp Finally Hits the MCU!

And, as Hope puts it herself: "It's about damn time."

10. The Civil War Cometh!

And, from the looks of that post-credits scene, it's set to bring a bunch more Ant-Man awesomeness along with it...

And, of course:

The Special Bonus Stan Lee Cameo

Who, of course, cameos here, since being included in the official list really isn't Stan-the-Man's style...

The big question, though?

What do you think?


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