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Last week, Entertainment Weekly published new images from [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) that offered our first look at some of the new additions to Fox's ever-growing mutant universe.

The biggest reaction came when fans noticed that this version of big bad Apocalypse looks a little...different than we were expecting. Here's Oscar Isaac as the immortal supervillain himself, looking decidedly less imposing than his comic book counterpart.

Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly

The Internet was quickly ablaze with comparisons that ranged from hilariously spot-on to downright cruel. My favorite (and the most accurate) has to be the resemblance to Ivan Ooze, the main antagonist and human-shaped purple goo from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie.

Others took issue with the fact that the biggest, baddest mutant the X-Men will ever face is the same height as a teenaged Storm.

Of course, Apocalypse has the power to change his size at will, so it's entirely possible that this is just a diminutive glimpse of him, and he'll save his gargantuan form for big battles (or any other moment we haven't seen yet, really).

But, there's another reason we may be jumping the gun

And that's this guy.


Think back to the time when we were all gearing up for [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](tag:203942) and were fascinated to see how Fox and Marvel were each going to handle their takes on Quicksilver. Then, we got our first look at Evan Peters in costume, and many let out a collective scoff.

People complained about the wig and how the overall ensemble looked like a costume you could get out of a bag. And then there was that Burger King commercial that really got people in a tizzy.

However, as we all know, Quicksilver ended up being one of the biggest highlights in Days of Future Past. His slo-mo scene was one of the most eye-popping of the entire year, so much so that critics and fans alike were clamoring for even more from the speedy character.

Once we had the chance to see him in action, Peters' performance and the fast-paced writing made most of us forget all about that shiny, shiny character design.

Perhaps the same will be true of Apocalypse. First of all, we've only gotten minimal impressions of his look and haven't really seen him in combat or in full-fight mode. Secondly, Oscar Isaac is an incredible actor who has never turned in a bad performance, so I would be shocked that this is a miss for him. Lastly, costumes have always caused divisive reactions in this franchise, and there's still so much to look forward to from this character.

All I'm saying is, while these criticisms are certainly valid, I'm still holding out hope that Apocalypse is going to be the truly terrifying villain that we deserve.

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