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I can't wait to watch Ant-Man in cinema this week but in the meantime I've seen this awesome Ant-Man trailer remade with LEGO!

First of all, I'm really excited because I like LEGO's style. Every time someone makes a video with LEGOs or LEGO releases new products or videogames I go crazy for them! Ok, enough about me. Let's get to this awesome trailer. Are you excited? Well, you should be!

The LEGO trailer begins the same as the original trailer. It's really amazing to see that this guy did exactly the same but with LEGOs!

The Panorama

Looks amazing!
Looks amazing!

The Hallway Walk

Entering the Lab

The Look

This fan made trailer looks absolutely amazing! What do you guys think? Now I want to see not only the Ant-Man movie, but also the Ant-Man LEGO movie! Who's with me?! Guys? Guys? Ok, I'll shut up now...

Ant-Man is in Cinemas right now!

You can find this fan-made trailer here.

And take a look at the original Ant-Man trailer:


What do you think of the fan made Ant-Man LEGO trailer?


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