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The action's starting to heat up! We're getting more and more glimpses into the wonderful world of Deadpool in the run up to the trailer's release. SDCC really let the film explode into our world, with fantastic cosplay from Ryan Reynolds, a great showreel that revealed clips from the film, and interviews galore!

We're finally getting a feel for what the movie will be like, and with that R rating everyone hoped for, Wade Wilson will definitely be showcased in all his potty-mouthed, bloody glory. But that's not all. Recent interviews with Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin hint that we will also see a softer side to the katana-wielding mercenary.

Heartwrenching romance

Baccarin plays Vanessa, otherwise known as Copycat the shapeshifting mutant, who is a sex worker when she first meets Wade Wilson.

"It’s an origin story for these characters, so you see them falling in love. You see them meeting each other for the first time and discovering that they’re kindred spirits."
Wade and Vanessa
Wade and Vanessa

Aw! This is a bit of an unexpected twist from the movie: we were expecting plenty of violence and gore and general profanity, but it looks like we'll be getting a sweet romance too! Of course, romance for Deadpool would not be complete without the sexy side...

Morena: There's this awesome sex montage...
Ryan: very acrobatic.
Morena: very acrobatic! You see them love each other more and more.

But it's not all fun and games. This is pre-cancer and pre-Deadpool, so expect a heartwrenching story as they meet, fall in love, and face trials and tribulations when tragedy strikes. According to Baccarin, Wade "detaches" from Vanessa when he gets the diagnosis, not wanting to pull her into a life of worry, and deciding to go through the illness alone. Ouch! My heart already hurts and the movie hasn't even been released yet!

The merc with a... lotta heart

So we've got a Wade Wilson who would rather go through cancer alone than upset the woman he loves, and a story which will see them eventually have a tearful reunion. So sweet! But don't expect Vanessa to be too happy with him. According to Baccarin, she is the perfect match for Deadpool, giving him "a lot of lip"... and not just the good kind!

Deadpool will also be teaming up with Negasonic Teenage Warhead, the young punk mutant with a chip on her shoulder and a perpetual scowl on her face.

The start of a beautiful friendship
The start of a beautiful friendship

I don't know about you but I can't wait to see Deadpool in a kind of foulmouthed older brother/mentor role. He's definitely encouraging the younger mutant, complimenting her on her chosen name and bringing her along for fun vigilante outings! Nothing beats bonding over a bloody mess of bad guys.

Cue the music!

So what does this mean for the film? After multiple reports that the movie will be filled with all the violence we'd expect for Deadpool, it's nice to know that other parts of his character will also be revealed. After all, he's not just a one-dimensional killing machine (like some films might have you believe *cough* X-Men Origins: Wolverine *cough*). The Wade Wilson of the comics might have an indomitable irreverent attitude yes, but there's a lot more to him than just violence and swearing.

Take the recent Hawkeye Vs Deadpool comic for example. Hawkeye is canonically deaf in the comics universe (here's hoping that's someday integrated into the MCU...). Because Clint lip reads, Wade makes sure to lift up his mask so Clint can see what he's saying. He also learns sign language...

Good guy Deadpool
Good guy Deadpool

Obviously it depends heavily on who's writing him, but Wade Wilson can be sensitive, expressive, and empathetic, as well as delighting in violence and having a black sense of humour. It's good to know that the upcoming movie appreciates the importance of a nuanced portrayal... as well as the importance of a person's brain actually exploding when they're shot in the head. (Yup, this happens. It's gonna be glorious.)

So what do you think? Are you excited to see a sensitive Deadpool, or is the violence more important? Comment or write your own post!


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