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Shrek is a film franchise loved by kids and filled with innuendos for adults to enjoy. But what if there wasn't just a Shrek series and there was more to the swamp than meets the eye? This is my wish list for a Shrek expanded Universe.

Shrek has ended with Shrek: Forever After the FINAL Chapter. There will be a second Puss in Boots film and there has been talk of a fifth instalment to the Shrek series (more than likely a prequel). So I've left out Shrek 5 and Puss in Boots 2 because they may already be happening.

1: The Dragon's Keep

This film would be a prequel to Shrek and would detail the journey of King Harold and Queen Lillian. It would begin with a young Harold bieng found by the Fairy Gidmother and transformed into a human. It Would then elaborate upon his and Lillian's love story and the birth of Fiona. It would also include the cursing of Fiona. They would then face the tough decision to lock their child into the Dragon's keep. In the film they would be involved with the Fairy Godmother, who would gain their trust and get permission to marry Prince Charming to Princess Fiona. The King and Queen would soon begin to believe that they had no hope and would nearly sign a magical contract with Rumplestiltskin, but they would soon learn that the Princess had been rescued and leave just before the signing of the contract (an extended look upon the flashback in Shrek: Forever After). There would be a sequence in which Lord Farquad does something for them and is granted Lordship over Duloc and the surrounding area. It would have a few comedic scenes of the journey there with Thelonious. There would be a Donkey cameo in which they see a woman chasing Donkey and claiming that he could talk. At the climax Fairy Godmother would learn that Farquad plans to take Fiona for his bride and there would be a big confrontation between Farquad and the Fairy Godmother. Then a small battle sequence between some of Farquads guards. It would end with her leaving. The film would end with the opening scene from Shrek 2 in which Charming arrives at the Dragon's keep only to discover that Fiona is already gone. And the final scene would be King Harold and Queen Lillian preparing to meet their daughters new husband and as soon as the doors open the film cuts to black.

2: Puss in Boots 3: The fall

Puss in Boots 3. I skipped 2 because it's already happening, so I'm assuming that like all dreamworks films it will end on a happy note. Possibly with the marriage of Puss to Kitty soft paws or just a great success. But in the third film I would have it all undone, Puss would be attacked in the pub and the attackers would then move on to kill Kitty Softpaws. It would be revealed that the attackers were sent by Lord Farquad. Lord Farquad has heard a rumour that the Fairy Godmother (After their confrontation in Dragon's Keep) had hired an assassin to kill him. She hired an assassin because she must maintain the fact that she is good. Puss would blame Humpty Dumpty (who is alive as you would know if you saw the end credits scene of Puss in Boots) and go to find him, Humpty would prove his innocence and take him to Farquad. They would arrive just as the wedding has started and they would see a dragon attacking Duloc and run. They would find their way to Far Far Away and meet the Fairy Godmother who had recently given him a task (but he had declined). He would blame the death of Kitty on her and she would offer him the chance to be with her again. He would see Rumplestiltskin but Humpty would talk him out of it. They would return to the Fairy Godmother who they would battle. It would result in Humptys sacrifice and the Fairy Godmother wiping Puss' memory of Kitty, Humpty and herself. He would be left outside of Far Far Away and with only the memory's of him bieng an assassin. The film would end with Harold hiring him to kill Shrek, he would wait in the woods for him. The final scene would be him stepping out into the path to confront Shrek.

3: King Arthur

King Arthur would detail the reign of Arthur Pendragon and the struggles of ruling Far Far Away. The film would introduce various new characters and they would help him rule. He would call upon the help of Merlin who would become his advisor. Arthur would meet Little Red Riding Hood in the woods and fall instantly in love with her. He would visit Shrek and Fiona at the swamp and they would give him advise on ruling. Shrek and Fiona would go on holiday to the beach with plans to apologise to Ariel for throwing her into the sea in Shrek 2. The witches of Far Far Away would plot to overthrow Arthur and would burn down the forest surrounding the city. Merlin would go to negotiate with them which would end in his death. There would be a call to arms and all the army's of Far Far Away and the surrounding lands would rally to the cause. The armies would include Knights from Arthur's previous school, Ogres, Fairys and Puss in Boots e.t.c. The witches would call the Evil armies to their side and a climactic battle would take place. During the battle Lancelot would nearly die and be saved by Arthur, finally asserting his dominance. And Puss would regain his memory. Dragon and Donkey would save the city by burning the Evil armies. They would finally drive all evil out of the world and massacre the witches. Peace would finally be restored. It would end with the marriage of Arthur to Little Red Riding Hood and the birth of their child.

Well that's what I would want from a Shrek expanded Universe, feel free to tell me what you think in the comments. Thank you for Reading.


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