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I know no one is actually reading this, but i want to give you guys the voice of the fans anyway. My name is Diablo Trotter, and i would like to give you all some advice on what the fans want to see. Im a huge Halloween fan, but im not a fan of Rob Zombies 2nd remake. The first remake was fine, very original. But for this new film we would like to see Michael with his mask on 100% of the time, without any hoodies or vests just his mask and jumpsuit. His size was perfect in the remakes. Oh and one more thing about Michael, we would like him to be COMPLETELY SILENT. The sounds he made in the 2nd remake were just irritating. And we would like his mask NOT to be torn at all. I know this next part is kinda out of subject but if you could some where down the line pit him up against a strong foe so that he could later compete with his long time rival Jason. Jason has fought a girl with telekinesis and a dream demon with knives for fingers. Michaels only foe was his psychiatrist and younger sister. Which kinda makes him look weak. But anyway those were my thoughts on the whole situation. I hope you took time to read this. I know this is gonna sound weird but if you liked this and wish to chat with me make a kik and kik me at diablotrotter313

Thanks for your time.


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