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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's heroic 5-year-old Zavi Ahmed from East Sussex, UK. You may have heard about Batkid Miles from the States, now the UK has its own real-life child superhero, too! The drama unfolded on a scorching hot day in a Tesco parking lot as little 1-year-old Iris Adamski was shopping with her grandmother. Unfortunately, as her grandma was loading the car with shopping bags, the car locked itself, trapping the keys inside with a sleeping Iris.

The grandmother desperately called the police. Coming right away, the policemen smashed the rear window open, but despite their best efforts... they were unable to reach neither the door handle or the keys. Then, like a scene from a movie, the police were stunned to see a small boy walking towards them. It was 5-year-old Zavi who arrived at the scene with his mother. Zavi was casually dressed in a Batman outfit and asked if he could help, being the pint-sized superhero that he is.

Heroic young Zavi then sprung into action and bravely volunteered to squeeze through the tiny gap to retrieve the keys left on the dashboard.

"A policeman put his jumper down on the window to protect from the glass and Batman crawled in to fetch the keys."

Iris was lucky to have this sweet superhero on her side

Luck was on Zavi's side this day, too

Tiny Batman's mom said:

"That morning he decided he wanted to be dressed as Batman, I don't know why. My friend said he could go to Tesco and be a superhero and that's just what happened. We couldn't believe it, of all the days for him to dress up and that happens..."

Zavi's mom says that the baby-faced hero is always ready

"This morning he said I've got to dress up as Batman again because I am a superhero."

And Iris' grandmother is already seeing the bright future of her grandchild

"Iris is so happy to be saved by Batman - if she gets married that will definitely be told at her wedding."

It took 45 minutes for Iris to be freed from the hot car and thanks to Zavi, the real-life BatKid, the day was saved! A round of applause for this brave young lad!

Source: Dailymail


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