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While casting news is always something to get excited about, I don't think that I have been more excited to find out an actor is joining a show than when I found out that Jason Dohring was coming to my favorite show The Originals. Some people are excited, some are nervous, and some just might not know who the guy is, but I can definitely say that however long he lasts, his time on the show will be a good one.

1. He's already at home on The CW

Jason as Killian McCrane on The Tomorrow People
Jason as Killian McCrane on The Tomorrow People

Julie Plec does a great job incorporating people that she has worked with previously on other shows. Jason played Killian McCrane on The Tomorrow People, and though he was only in it for an episode he must have made quite the impression.

2. He is no stranger to mysteries

Jason is playing the character Will Kinney, a human detective who has made his way to New Orleans. While we don't know much about the character as of yet, being a detective does mean doing a little sleuthing, and we all know that he was around that for 3 Seasons on Veronica Mars. A good mystery, and a good man to solve it, is always a plus. Let's just hope the character doesn't get himself into too much trouble while he does it. But on that subject...

3. He's no stranger to the supernatural

Having a bite
Having a bite

Let's be entirely real here. Jason will be playing a human, but in the New Orleans that The Originals takes place in, if you are human you are a walking blood bag. While Cami could do with some human friends (all of hers are vampires or witches) Jason did play a vampire very well on the short lived Moonlight. I would not object to him becoming a vampire, as long as he gets to stick around.

4. Cami needs some human friends

Just a human hanging with the supernatural
Just a human hanging with the supernatural

As mentioned above, Cami only seems to know people who are supernatural. Even Vincent, the guy that she is starting to talk to, is a witch. While I love that she helps the Mikaelson family so much, she could do with a friend that she doesn't have to worry about so much. I think with her distancing herself a bit from the family might not be the worst thing as she has nearly died a few times . With the show returning with a small time jump, it might be interesting to see if they already have an established relationship, whatever it might be, and how the two might play off of each other.

5. He's good at showing emotion

Whether he is playing a jerk, or an over confident yet paranoid vampire (yeah it's possible) Jason can definitely show his wide range of emotion. Whether it's finding out that his mother had killed herself, or being heart broken over the fact that his girlfriend is in a coma, or just making the silliest face while telling a joke, he has the greatest ability to make you believe whatever he is conveying on the screen, even with a mouthful of fangs. In a world with a teenage supersleuth, or with a bunch of vampires, it's sometimes hard to take the content 100% seriously, but he sells it, and does a great job doing it.

6. Plus he's handsome

Which, let's face it, on this show it's kind of a prerequisite.

Whether you know who he is, or are just being introduced to him the first time, Jason Dohring never disappoints in whatever character you see him as. And I am glad to see him come back to my TV screen.


Are you excited to see Jason on "The Originals"?


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