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The ambiguity surrounding Matthew Goode's involvement with Downton Abbey Season 6 has been one of the most stressful parts of the wait for the show's wrap up. It's almost as if the show runners know he's the most anticipated cast member, and are keeping fans in the dark. Then again, this could simply be the nature of TV production, where one is at the mercy of the production circumstances of actors. Goode is perhaps the figurehead of The Good Wife, and his involvement in Downton Abbey largely depends on what that show permits. That's not so different from any other actor's career, so what makes Matthew Goode special?

The 2014 Christmas special!

I've already written about what Matthew Goode can bring to Downton Abbey Season 6, and his involvement is ultimately up in the air, but it's made all the worse by how much the Season 5 christmas special hints at. Upon watching it, I was completely unaware that the supposed George Clooney cameo was just a one-off sketch, and that he wasn't set to appear. Imagine my surprise then, when Matthew Goode pops up out of nowhere as an apology?

My point is that this moment felt less like a "hey it's that guy!" ploy, and more like the introduction of a brand new character. His flirtations with Michelle Dockery's Lady Mary got fans speculating, and his trendy perchance for racing cars brought the potential for Downton Abbey to venture into more modern and exciting realms in Season 6!

Race Cars in Downton Abbey Season 6!

Will we see races in Downton Abbey Season 6?
Will we see races in Downton Abbey Season 6?

The excitement drawn from Downton Abbey has always been an aesthetic one; a case of simply thinking the costumes looked neat. Sure there's been the odd horse race, but the show has quite pointedly never gotten loud and in our faces. Judging from the set photos released last month, that could all be about to change in Season 6! The twenties, and much of the pre-World War II part of the 20th century was obsessed with automotive sport, and the spectacle embodied everything that was new and sexy in the time.

I'm sure many fans would welcome this sudden change in style. What with Matthew Goode and Tom Cullen being spotted on set, suggestions are abounding that we could see Henry Talbot and Lord Gillingham race to impress Lady Mary in Season 6. I'm not quite sure if an effective way to impress a woman is to drive at high speeds in the very contraption that killed her ex-husband. Then again, I'm not part of nobility. I don't understand these things!

The end to Lady Mary's story

Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary!
Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary!

One of the main priorities for many a Downton Abbey fan is ensuring that Season 6 ends with their favorite characters united with their respective love interests. Although Lady Edith likely has more of an uphill climb if she wants to end the Season happily, Lady Mary doesn't have that many prospective suitors that really jump out to the audience. Except, of course, Matthew Goode's Henry Talbot. Their snappy, back and forth dialogue was simply too irresistible for audiences to see their relationship rendered a one-off novelty. Whether Matthew Goode can be fully involved in Downton Abbey Season 6 or not, his character is just too perfect not to play a big role!


Should Lady Mary end the show with Henry Talbot?


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