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Ron Perlman's look, in my humble opinion, makes him the perfect Hellboy. The first two films were awesome. The question is, when will the third installment hit theaters and can it be as soon as possible, please? Well, Perlman has been making a big push for Hellboy 3 and he recently co-signed a fan-made poster that is pretty unbelievable.

It was done by artist Rob Csiki whose Twitter page you can find here. You can't deny that if this poster (below) accompanied a new film, it would make for a pretty enticing release. Check it out!

Sadly, up to this point, we've heard nothing from Guillermo del Toro surrounding the new film. I wouldn't hold my breath before getting this announcement, but I think there's a strong possibility that the predicted date of 7/7/17 is reasonable. Probably my only knock on the poster is the tagline... but the rest is pretty damn stellar!

Just for fun, imagine a world where the Hulk and Hellboy had to square off? This fan-made trailer by YouTuber silverlightsaber makes that a reality. Of course, Ed Norton is still Hulk in this version, but would you love to see Hellboy square off with Ruffalo instead?

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