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I thoroughly enjoyed watching The Rugrats every day after school with a glass of milk and cookies. I enjoyed the adventures they went on, as the world is a really big place to explore when you're just a toddler. I also loved how often they'd mispronounce words, and the fact that Tommy had no problems standing up to Angelica when she was being a brat.

I don't know about you, but I could use some of the "booty" juice myself.

In proper '90s nostalgia fashion, a minor league team created uniforms matching Chuckie Finster's green pants and blue Saturn shirt.

I probably would have been more into playing sports if this had been my uniform as well. Of course, I'd rather act like I'm Chuckie in a play or something than play a sport, but this uniform is such a fun fan idea.

In case you'd like to get a closer look, check it out below:

Of course the Frederick Keys minor league baseball team from Maryland added their own touches here and there, but I can't imagine how fun it's going to be for the players to run around in true Finster fashion.

Let's just hope they turn out to be a lot less uncoordinated than Chuckie. I figured you need some good hand-eye coordination to help win some games here and there.

[Source: Uproxx]


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