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Nightwing probably has one of the sleekest looking costumes out there. This smooth character was the first Robin who's real name is actually Richard ''Dick'' Grayson,'' and he was the former sidekick of Batman. Unlike Batman, Nightwing is a very happy-go-lucky individual who takes joy in everything. Nightwing even took on the role of being a mentor to the current Robin, Tim Drake.

Inspired by this awesomely driven and focused character, fans have honored him with some totally badass cosplay. Time to unleash those outfits!

10. Dynamite Webber Cosplay as Nightwing

This talented cosplayer made the whole outfit right from scratch. The detail here is just epic!

9. Eve Beau as Nightwing

Eve's outfit is totally killing it, I love the feminine twist on the Nightwing character.

8. Vamp Beauty as Nightwing

Lady Nightwing looking over Arkham City!

7. Liui-Aquino as Nightwing

This cosplayer looks like he has stepped right out of a comic-book!

6. Handsome Jordan Cosplay as Nightwing

Check out those muscles !

5. Cloudbreak Cosplay as Nightwing

That armor is totally ace!

4. Socophdpepper as Nightwing

Feast your eyes on this costume!

3. 2raay as Nightwing

I love how you can really see see the details here in how this costume was made!

2. Yutarna Thetys as Nightwing

Those contacts really just finish off this wonderful design!

1. Spectra Marvelous as Nightwing

I love how this cosplayer has put his own spin on the outfit and has created 3D armor!

I think all of these are totally fantastic. If you have seen a great Nightwing cosplayer that I may have missed, drop them in the comments below!


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