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From its very inception, Ant-Man has always placed itself on the more 'comic' side of the comic book movie spectrum.

Although the various trailers showed us the usual over-the-top comic book action which has become a staple in Marvel movies, it also went out of its way to show off the some humorous scenes and the comic talent of lead actor, Paul Rudd.

It seems this penchant for the unusual is also expressing itself in a rather odd, if strangely beguiling, Ant-Man TV spot. The commercial, which features no actual footage from the film, instead sees an out-of-character Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas performing a... well, I'm not sure what they're doing, but it's pretty weird. Check it out below:

A compelling argument, I'm sure you would agree.

Ant-Man opened in theaters last weekend, and took a respectable, if slightly underwhelming, $58 million domestically. Although it might be too early to say, it's likely its global box office could put it into the kind of territory where studio execs start talking about sequels. Is this something you'd like to see?

Source: ComicBookMovie


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