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One aspect of Fallout 4 that Bethesda really wanted to get right was how it immersed players into its setting. Todd Howard explained how the opening moments of Skyrim failed to engage some players with their character, surroundings and quests and I completely agree with him. I had real trouble with immersion and emotional connection in Skyrim and Fallout 4 is out to rectify that problem.

The pre-war setting in Boston will become a place to connect with ourselves and our significant other in 1950s America. The E3 demonstration didn't really go into a specific amount of detail with regards to what we'll be doing in this part of the game, or how long it will actually take. However, some players believe that we'll actually be waiting an entire week before the bomb hits.

Fallout 4
Fallout 4

Fallout 4: Pre-War Boston Could Be Our Home for a Full Week

It's amazing how much information you can get out of Fallout 4's E3 presentation - seriously amazing. But one aspect of the game that we'll all have to contend with, is the death of our family. Whether this takes place within the vault or beforehand is yet to be revealed. What we do know is that we emerge from Vault 111 as the soul survivor 200 years later.

Fallout 3 forced us to come to grips with the passing of Liam Neeson as our dad, however that was following our departure from the vault. It was certainly a tough moment, but if Fallout 4 plans to have us living with our family in paradise for a week - the loss of these individuals should be a far more difficult ordeal to deal with.

Therefore, I think that Bethesda are vying for a similar emotional shock with our wife and child. But do players' theories hold up about how long we'll be able to connect with them as characters?

Amazing Fallout 4 Art from artarrwen on deviantart
Amazing Fallout 4 Art from artarrwen on deviantart

With Todd Howard hoping that players will have a sense of what they've lost in Fallout 4, we're going to need to connect on a deep level with our marriage partner and child. Therefore, Fallout 4 may have a similar opening to that of Fallout 3. We may be forced to play out through a series of small scenes in closed-off locations. Or perhaps our 1950s town is a place we can wander around in an open-world fashion.

The theory that supports our living here for a week is actually a mixture of the original Kotaku leak and the time of day in the E3 demonstration.

In Fallout 4, we'll attend a Veteran event according to the leak, apparently in the afternoon. Seeing as the bomb appears to go off in the morning - and we know it happens on a Saturday - the Saturday shown on stage could actually be taking place a week before disaster. Of course we can't be sure. But if Bethesda want us to become emotionally attached with these characters, this would be an incredible way to do so!

Fallout 4
Fallout 4

One thing that open world games have to get right for me is story. I need to feel like there is a purpose to all of my wanderings and that no matter how deep into the side quests I may venture, I still feel connected to the main events. The Witcher 3 earlier this year was a tremendous example of this!

Fallout 4 will hopefully be one of those games. But regardless, it gives us a goddamn jetpack so I may not even care!

Fallout 4
Fallout 4

Be sure to let us know what you think of this pre-war theory in the comments and if you're excited to wander around Boston for an entire week!


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