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After a roaring start in its first season, [Marvel's Agent Carter](tag:1119765) is heading to Los Angeles for season 2, ready to capture the glitz and glamour of 40s Hollywood, as well as its seedy underbelly. Peggy will be joined by Jarvis as she transfers to the LA branch of the SSR, and we'll see lots of familiar faces as well as plenty of new characters, and even a new love interest (read more about that here). But after the announcement that season 2 is inspired by a real life murder case, could we be saying goodbye to fan fave Angie Martinelli?

Season 2 is set 6 months after the finale of season 1, giving Peggy plenty of time to establish herself as a valued agent within the SSR. Executive producer Tara Butters confirmed that there'll be no more fetching coffee for Peggy in season 2.

"We don’t want to hit the same story beats. She is respected amongst her peers, and she is working an SSR case through the course of the second season."

This is great to hear, and her relocation will be due to Peggy "working a case", which means we'll get one long mystery throughout season 2, a murder that will lead into many more webs of conspiracy.

The Black Dahlia Case

The perfect film noir sleuth.
The perfect film noir sleuth.

So just what is in store for us, and Angie, in season 2? We'll be getting a more "film noir" style as the writers will be following the Black Dahlia case, where an aspiring young actress was brutally murdered in 1947.

The details are pretty grim, so to make a bloody story short, Elizabeth Short was found mutilated (and dead, obviously) in a vacant lot, her body drained of blood. Although 60 people confessed to the murder, 25 of which were viable suspects, Short's killer was never found. To this day, it is one of Hollywood's most notorious mysteries, and has featured in several TV shows and films.

We don't yet know how Agent Carter will use this story, but there have already been hints that our very own Angie Martinelli might be the aspiring actress to face this grisly fate. One plot element has been revealed which may be the key to all of this. After his exoneration, Howard Stark will also seek his fortune (or, more fortune) in the City of Angels by starting a film studio. To thank Peggy for all her help last season, perhaps Stark will give a helping hand to her gal pal (sorry, housemate) Angie, letting her dreams of stardom become a reality. That is, until she meets a gruesome end...

This would be a real kick start to the season, and one that would shock fans. Season 1 saw Peggy quickly learn how she can endanger her friends simply by being around them: anyone remember her first roommate and how that ended? So at first Peggy kept her distance from Angie, wanting to protect her. Eventually, of course, the two grew closer, and in the end it was Angie that protected Peggy.

Gif courtesy of buckynat on Tumblr.
Gif courtesy of buckynat on Tumblr.

It would be a cruel twist of fate for Peggy to lose yet another friend, and it might push her to become even more secluded, throwing herself into her work as she tries desperately to solve Angie's murder. It's a dark plot, for sure, and one that would be a pretty risky move on the part of the writers.

So will it happen?

While it would add a real personal pull for Peggy to have to solve her friend's murder, it's unlikely that such a promising minor character would be killed. For that matter, it's not even confirmed that Lyndsy Fonesca will appear in season 2, although she and Bridget Regan (who played Peggy's femme fatale nemesis Dottie Underwood) are "in talks" to reprise their roles.

But who knows! Maybe the shock potential is just too great for the writers to resist! We'll just have to wait and see, and keep our fingers crossed that Peggy and Angie have many years to develop their friendship.


What should Angie's role be in Agent Carter s2?


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