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What is in store for Sinister searchers?

From repeated immersion in the trailer Sinister II looks good but just good is a long way from the greatness of its predecessor.

Appearing to follow the same vein of the insidious duo, Sinister II looks to be an explanation and exploration into the monster’s take and those of his cause.

With familiar glimpses of creepy children and flashes of violent demises the film looks promising with tips of the hat to the Duke of Horror Stephen King with the apparent inclusion of cornfields to a tale already offering us homicidal offspring. With this nod to classic horror one hopes for a golden age induction of fear but the question is, does it have its predecessor’s strength?

Evaluating possibilities by trailer alone is like solving a crime with only a glance at a case file, foolish and unlikely to yield success however here I go.

The special effects appear on point and the inclusion of classic horror tropes such as twins (let’s not pretend they aren’t unnerving), an isolated house and corn fields hint that they understand the genre at the very least but my biggest concern is the plot. Where Sinister’s effectiveness came from realistic-home-movie-empathy in the audience and a gradual build and manipulation of unease in a horror savvy audience this film appears to lack much home movie insight.

This said however could solely be due to the editing of the trailer so to keep a few surprises for the feature. Similarly to the move of Insidious to Insidious II the film may play on different fears just as common as those worked upon before (insidious – the unknown, insidious II – the evil of mankind).

Unease, the unknown and the unthinkable tied Sinister together and by making a film uncovering the tale of Mr Boogie the may lose some of their edge.

I expect a good film weaker than their first but still entertaining with more jump in your seat moments however I hope for an Insidious style of success.

Predicting 3*** Sometimes the unknown should remain unknown


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