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I have been watching movies all my life. Growing up I have always wanted to be like the heroes on screen. Realizing those jobs were boring i
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My favorite movie is Evil Dead 2.

You must be saying to yourself; "But there are so many far superior films out there."

I will agree with you there. There are other films out there, that i cannot argue against, but as it stands, Evil Dead 2 is still my favorite. I honestly don't know why though. Maybe its the horror, the comedy, the special effects, the tone, the overall plot, or maybe even the badass character.
All I do know is, after watching it, I immediately wanted to grab a camera and begin filming. So I cannot pinpoint what aspect of the film intrigued me so, but it made me fall in love film as a whole.

Regardless the film is amazing and the hero of Ashley J. Williams is an icon that I look up to. Not as a serious idol, but as a testament how great a film character can be, and how he can inspire so many other different characters in pop culture. Sure he is a buffoon, a goofball, and sometimes a bit of a slimeball, but he still has a heart of gold that we all admire and respect. Also this character is not only amazing in the sense of being a pop culture icon, but also for introducing the world to Bruce Campbell. Honest to God there would be no Ash without Bruce. He is an awesome character on and off the screen, and it is amazing to think that he started out in the film industry, by acting in a indie B-Movie, that I bet no one at the time could of suspected would be a big hit.

Now enough rambling, lets get to the point.

In all honesty I would have never thought I would be in the same room as Bruce Campbell, let alone talk to the man. But I guess fate has a weird way of proving you wrong.

Well, truth be told, I would eventually seen him at a panel or something, seeing as how I constantly am attending San Diego Comic Con. So when they announced that a new Evil Dead TV series was coming out, I immediately thought, "I wonder if there will be a panel for it?" Lo and behold there it was Friday at 5PM in Ballroom 6A. I had cosplayed as Ash three years prior, and decided, eh since there is gonna be a Ash vs Evil Dead booth, I might as well dress up again this year. Well it payed off, on Thursday (the first day of the convention) when I was approached by an interviewer who wanted to ask me questions for an upcoming promo of the series. I was interviewed and filmed in front of the booth. That alone was amazing in itself. But merely did I realize it was a precursor of what would come the next day.

To make a long story short (TOO Late!)

Running around all day at the Con Friday morning, I decided to return to the hotel room and get changed into my costume again, just for the panel. Nearly missing my chance I managed to get into the panel thanks to my friends. (Tim, and James you guys are awesome.)
Honestly I don't really know why I wanted to dress up for the panel. There was no indication that dressing up netted you a cool prize, like other panels did. So, in hindsight I am glad I did. After sitting through half the panel, listening to the amazing personalities of Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, and Lucy Lawless, out of nowhere Bruce Campbell decided to host a contest of the best Ash costumes. Immediately I jumped out of my seat and ran up on stage with 3 other contestants.
Personally i don't need to explain what happened next, you can watch it here:

But I do want to explain how I felt at the time.

Now I have met celebrities before. Such as Adam Sandler, and the late Paul Walker. But I was never nervous as I was standing next to Bruce Campbell. The guy just oozed charisma, and he is an onscreen legend, at least in my eyes. But the second I began talking to him, those nerves washed right away. I guess I still don't really get star struck, but meeting him was the closest I had ever gotten to that point.

He interviewed me about the costume, which lead me to correct him about his inquiry that I was not wearing the correct colors as represented in the films, which I told him I was. Immediately the crowd roared into a sea of "Ohhhh" and "Ahhhhs." He immediately sarcastically apologized and then called me a "Smart ass, Know it all." Usually when someone is chastised by someone else they take offense to it, but in the sense of Bruce, I took it as a compliment. You can see it in his past appearances, it is just the way he is.

In the end I did not win the contest, but I didn't care. I got to meet a man that I looked up to, as an actor. Usually when I film movies, or I am cast in someone else's, I always am the physical guy. I will throw myself to the ground, if it means getting a good shot, or reaction for the film. I look up to him, and it was eye opening to speak to him as an equal. I mean seriously I thought I would be up there being unable to speak to him, and there I was cracking jokes, and correcting him about a scene in a movie he starred in. (The balls that I had that night.)

In the end it is an awesome story, that I can share for the rest of my life. (Which I have video proof, so no one can tell me I am a crazy liar!!! (evil maniacal laugh)

just kidding.)
In the end it was awesome to meet someone that you can only dream of meeting in real person, let alone be scolded by them.
The lesson here is..... hmm
I really don't know if there is one.
I guess I just wanted to write about a cool moment in my life.

Jeez my mother is right, I am an egotistical prick, huh?

Hmmm, I guess this confession has meant nothing.....
Thanks for reading!


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