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Christian O'Neal property and giving us something new inspired by the tales we already know. We know Gwen has to die, during an Electro fight vice Goblin throwing her off the Brooklyn Bridge, fun, it came as a small surprise as it started then you see her falling and him shooting the web and inside you are like "Oh this how they are doing it." As long as a studio doesnt butcher something to pieces... i.e. SP3. Emo Parker being all weird, a tiny Eddie Brock (Topher would have been a better Carnage... see Predators if you think I'm wrong) who gets no development at all. Loved sandman in that one though. Or the abortion we all watched in 2009 called X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Not too bad, fun seeing some of it reimagined and other pieces being put on screen. Then..... last 10 mins we get a wolverine sabertooth team up against quite possibly the worst idea since Greedo saw Solo in that bar and decided to walk over... All in all, both actors were great. Toby was a great old school inspired Spiderman. Watching Andrew on screen reminded me alot of TAS from the 90s on Fox kids tv. Theu each delivered different things. Either would have been good for Civil War as an older Peter revealing himself. Then cue the new kid coming in and going back to origin stuff. Personally I like the idea of playing around with an Ultimate Spiderman style with this new kid though.

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