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With DC coming out of the gates with their new universe, Marvel has to step their game up. Marvel has controlled the market on comic book movies for awhile but DC has their own universe up their sleeve. For the first time, DC properties will coexist on screen together. This must have Marvel worried and it must have them looking at how they can combat DC. I believe they face two problems that they need to fix. Lets take a look at whats wrong and how they can fix it.

1. Marvel makes movies for kids.

Now there is nothing wrong with this. The problem though is that their main competitor is making movies for adults. With movies like Suicide Squad and Batman Vs Superman, DC has let it be known that they are in it for the adults. When Marvel makes a movie, they are making it for a wide spectrum of an audience. They want to hit the youth market and the adult market. Now that DC is out of the gate and putting there own dark universe out there, will Marvel be able to compete?

2. Marvel needs two cinematic universes.

The biggest problem Marvel faces is that their audience is too large. They need to create a kid line and an adult line of movies. When these heavy hitters from DC come out, what will there be to compete with it. I for one hope Marvel sees this and try's to combat it with doing a darker film. Now Marvel still has Deadpool but he won't be under the Disney helm. If your own products under different companies are competing against DC, its time they did it themselves.

Solution: Doctor Strange and Netflix

Marvel has a dark film that could be the answer to DC. Doctor Strange, is about a magician who faces some fairly creepy villains. If there was ever a film that should actually be dark, this is it. I am not asking to throw away the Marvel formula, however it would be nice to see a new direction on it. Then you have the Netflix Marvel Universe which so far is pretty awesome. They announced they are bringing the Punisher in on the next season. The Netflix Universe seems to be the testing waters for a darker Marvel universe. This gives them opportunity to bring heroes from the movies and heroes from Netflix into each others universe. Imagine Spider-Man shows up on Daredevil and in the Spider-Man movie there is a little meet up too. So much can happen, to deepen the Marvel universe.

Marvels Answer to DC?
Marvels Answer to DC?

Marvel knows their audience and it seems as time goes on they will start to produce more adult material for their growing audience. For instance a 13 year old who saw the first Iron Man is in their early 20's now. Its time Marvel grows with their audience. The kids are adults and the adults are hanging on a thread. DC could sweep house and if Marvel doesn't mount an attack it could lose once again.


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