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Anyone who has read the series or even just watched the movies has probably, at some point, thought, "man I wish this were real life", and for a good reason too! The lives of the witches and wizards in this series seem so much easier than ours, and mainly because of the many tools they have available to them. The obvious one, of course, is a magic wand. The ability to wave your wand and accio that elusive remote right into your hand certainly seems like the ideal life to me! Aside from a wand, here are 5 more HP inventions/items I feel would make our lives extremely easy!

*Please note that if you have not read the books or seen the movies there will be spoilers below! Read at your own risk!

The Time-Turner

In their third year, Harry and Hermione use the time-turner to go back in time and save Sirius Black and Buckbeak the hippogriff from the executioner. Imagine you are running late for an important business meeting. You just turn it back a few clicks and make it on time! Of course it could get dangerous for people to be traveling through time. It is only safe to go back as many as five hours due to witches and wizards who have gone crazy when their past and current selves meet. If they could be effectively regulated, the time-turner could be an extremely helpful tool for those who have trouble being on time.


A child's nightmare and a parents delight, howlers seem to be the perfect tool for children who just will not listen to their parents. After stealing his father's enchanted car to get to Hogwarts in his second year, Ron gets a rather nasty one from his mother which shouts the angry letter for everyone in the great hall to hear. If that doesn't make a child stop misbehaving I don't know what will!

Dumbledore's Deluminator

In the first scene of The Sorcerer's Stone, Dumbledore uses the deluminator, a tool he invented himself, to dim the lights on Privet Drive so they won't be seen. Later in The Deathly Hallows, the deluminator pops up again when it is given to Ron by Dumbledore in his will. He uses it to find Harry and Hermione after he decides to leave them to search for horcruxes on their own. This tool could be useful in so many ways. Not only can you turn the lights off anywhere you have it, but you can also light a dark room back up at will. The most useful application for the deluminator may be in the way it was able to guide Ron back to where Harry and Hermione were hiding out. I imagine the same could be done to find a child lost in a crowd or a pet who got out of the house.

The Pensieve

The pensieve is used frequently throughout the series. Its purpose is to look back on memories. Harry and Dumbledore use it to figure out that Voldemort had made horcruxes and also potential places they could be hidden. It is when Harry is looking at Snape's memories that he realizes that he needs to die because he, himself is the seventh horcrux. Let's say you're in a scenario where your best friend won't talk to you. Assuming you have a wand, you pull out the memory of the last conversation you had with your friend. While in the pensieve you realize you forgot their birthday and are able to make it up to them. Problem solved!

The Cloak of Invisibility

Harry receives the cloak from his father (Dumbledore actually gives it to Harry at his first Christmas at Hogwarts) since they are descendants of the Peverell family, the makers of the Deathly Hallows. The real life applications for an invisibility cloak are virtually endless! Just as James Potter and the rest of Marauders used it, I assume it would mostly be used for mischief. Sneaking in past curfew, or sneaking out for that matter, would be a great use for it. Or how about a never ending game of hide and seek?

Although none of these actually exist in real life, who's to say that they can't be invented? Click here to see what Harry Potter tech was actually being developed! There is still hope! We may not have gotten our letters but it's still real for us!

Source: Harry Potter Wikia


Which of these 5 HP inventions would be most useful to you?


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