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The smash hit, horror-comedy series, Hillbilly Horror Show, is set to release their third volume on on July 21st!!! To celebrate the release, they running a contest!

Ain't you heard? Not only is it Cephus's birthday, but ‪#‎HillbillyHorrorShow‬ Volume 3 is coming out on DVD July 21st. That means contest time! Winner gets a cast signed poster and our 3 volume DVD box set for free! All you gotta do is share this post and comment what your favorite hillbilly or backwoods horror movie of all time is. That's it! And no worries if you messaged us earlier with a contest answer -- you're still entered! We'll pick out a winner on Friday..

Watch VOLUME 4 and Private Message your answer through their Facebook page!

Volume 3 is another hilarious romp through the world of indie horror! Our hillbilly hosts are up to their usual hijinks, while showcasing some of the strongest content they've ever featured.

It all begins with a dip into the mind of director, Patrick Rea, with Get Off My Porch. You'll never look at those Girl Scout cookies the same way again. Then the iconic Lynn Lowry gets what's coming to her, and gives new meaning to "getting filled up with the spirit" in Divination. Next, we take a trip into the Lamplight Woods with Follow. Do NOT go into the light! Lastly, we round out this amazing installment with the story of a young ghoul, coming of age in Moderngrumble.

As always, there are tons of laughs, and lots of Lulu, to go around, making Hillbilly Horror Show Volume 3 can't miss entertainment! Be sure to snag your copy through tomorrow!


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