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Possibly the Most Incredible Idea for the Plot of The Incredibles 2!!

I JUST HAD THE GREATEST IDEA EVER FOR THE PLOT OF The Incredibles 2! Please remember though that this is my first time writing on this site, so there might be a few things missing from this article that other articles on this site have. Okay, here it goes:

The Incredibles is one of my favorite childhood movies, and one of my favorite animated movies, or superhero movies. Even though it was only one movie, it had a rich lore, and created an entire new universe of superheroes! However, much like Unbreakable, the world was never really expanded upon outside of the short Jack-Jack Attack, a video game that featured the battle against the Underminer (the villain spontaneously appearing at the end of the movie), a few short comics (none of which had them doing anything AFTER the movie, but rather during the movie when they didn't have their superhero identities.) However, early this year Brad Bird announced that we would be getting the sequel we've been waiting years for! Before I talk about my idea, I first have to talk about one of the biggest flaws of the first movie. Yes, there is a major flaw in the story, two in fact, but we'll focus on the one that matters right now.

One of my biggest complaints about The Incredibles, as fantastic a movie as it is, is that all of the super villains were gone in the fifteen years between the beginning and the main plot of the story. Seriously, where did they all go? We know that they existed. Bomb Voyage, and that villain Frozone was talking to Mr. Incredible about in their car before they saved people from a fire. They existed, so what happened to them all? Why isn't the world being ruled by some Doctor Doom variant, or Lex Luthor? Did they just decide that their choice to rule the world was suddenly boring? It doesn't make sense! Are we supposed to believe that the POLICE caught them all WITHOUT the help of the superheroes? The superheroes existed to help the police and do certain things they couldn't.

However, after hours of ranting about this topic in my head, ready to rave about it on the internet, I came to a conclusion that could make The Incredibles 2...well...INCREDIBLE! The government caught them all, and they're being held in a top secret black site where they can't escape. However, many years later, a new villain emerges and decides to release all of the super villains in custody. So it's up to the Incredibles to stop not only this new menace, but also all of these villains from the golden age of superheroes. No Syndrome cameo however, he's obviously come down with a nasty case of death...unless he somehow survived a la Joker style, then he could have a spine chilling cameo in some kind of cell, talking to whoever would be the main character of the movie. However, since the super family can't do it alone, they have to bring not only all of the remaining superheroes out of retirement, the ones Syndrome DIDN'T kill (if there are any left) or who didn't get killed by their capes, but also bring in a bunch of NEW supers.

If your wondering why this government that's able to capture and contain all of these super villains didn't help when Syndrome's Omnidrome attacked, well it's been 15 years without any super villain activity that they could find, of course they'd be either late to the party or ineffective. Not to mention that Syndrome created the Omnidrome to be the ultimate weapon: adaptable and deadly to the point where its own creator was unable to stop it. It's been built on upgrade after upgrade of killing supers, of course the government wouldn't be very effective against it, ESPECIALLY in a highly populated area like the middle of a city.

That's my theory. Would it be amazing to see? Yes! Do I think that movie studios are smart enough to do this? No. Not even Disney. I don't think that producers, writers, or directors are smart enough to put to dig into the flaws of a previous film to make the sequel better. And I realize that that's what they're doing with Batman v Superman regarding the destruction of Metropolis in Man of Steel (not gonna change how crappy Man of Steel is), but that's a different case, there was a plan there. The Incredibles 2 is a sequel that was never meant to be, never planned for. I don't think that Brad Bird would use this Dark Knight Rises style idea.

If Brad Bird is smart enough to do something like this, I will be thrilled. If he's not, I will still have faith that it'll be a good movie, just like the first. The thing is, Brad Bird has stated that he never thought that the most interesting thing about superheroes was, well, THE SUPERHERO-ING! Instead, he'd rather focus on the family dynamic. That's all well and good, but there's no reason that we can't have a kick-ass superhero movie, and a heart-warming movie about a loving family at the same time, does it?

This is only my thoughts on the superhero aspect of the film, the family aspect is something else. I have some ideas of how this might affect the family, but I haven't fleshed it out as much as the part off my theory you've just read.

What do you guys think about this idea? What are your thoughts on how the sequel we deserve AND need would play out? Let me know, I'd love to hear them.


How does this idea sound?


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