ByAngela Hanna Bell, writer at
...of had any responsibility to anyone's children. That is the parents responsibility. Don't sit them down in front of a tv and expect it to do your job for you. The charity work changed because she has grown up, she has seen the people that are in need. She didn't stop the earlier charaties she added to them. She didn't take a homeless person to the awards show for attention to herself but for attention to an issue that is very serious. Check the facts and see how much money came in for that charity because of her "need of attention to herself". She doesn't have to be a role model to your children, you do. You are the teacher and provider, don't blame someone else for things that are your responsibility. I am an older woman and not a child. But when I see someone that young doing that much good and giving that much of her own money and her own time to people in need, there is nothing in me that feels like any of you have any right to judge her. To be honest you could probably learn a bit of acceptance for others from her.

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