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Rocksteady is now most famous for its success with the Batman Arkham games and has released [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936) as a thrilling conclusion to the series. This said, game enthusiasts are now most familiar with this developer and hotly anticipate future games with the company, but as the Batman Arkham series has now finished, what games could now be developed with the incredible style and game-play experience that Rocksteady has now introduced? Here are some amazing possibilities that would be amazing:

Captain America: Civil War

The enormously anticipated Captain America Civil War is sure to bring audiences to the edge of their seat, with Joe and Anthony Russo set to return and direct the sequel to the impressive Winter Soldier adaptation. The Civil War storyline is also set to star multiple popular heroes from Black Widow, to Scarlet Witch, Vision, Ironman and Black Panther. Just imagine how amazing it would be to develop this film into a game developed by Rocksteady. Think of all the fighting styles, Tony Starks use of gadgets and weapons, Captain America’s combination of fist and shield, with counters and dodging moves like that of Batman, the use of guns and arrows from Black Widow and Hawkeye and Vision flying through the streets with optic eye blasts and Black Panther jumping from one building to the next with stealth actions. Multiple heroes and fighting styles like these would allow for a multiple game-play fighting styles, perhaps following their own storyline within the Civil War story specific to their unique abilities.

Suicide Squad

The hotly anticipated film from DC introducing some of Batman’s biggest and baddest villains. Such a game would be a thrilling return to DC comics tying in with their experience with Batman, only playing from the perspectives of the some of the villains known to the Arkham series. It could even be considered a spinoff to the Arkham games?

Star Wars Rogue 1

Although vague details have been released it would be interesting to play a band of rebels that use unique gadgets and heist techniques used to infiltrate the Death Star and locate the plans, perhaps using suits to move through space and move around the death Star, and move through its corridor with Alien Isolation style graphic and detail. Imagine having to hide from Darth Vader and his blood-red lightsabre.

Mission Impossible

As [Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation](tag:373501) races to cinema’s with it newly revived popularity following from Ghost Protocol, it would be interesting to see a Tom Clancy style game made for the Mission Impossible games, through the use of guns, stunts inspired by the film such as the zip-wire used in the first film or the climb up the la Burj Khalifa and the use James Bond like fighting styles.

Arrow/Flash universe

DC are also becoming more and more popular with television, releasing properties from Arrow, The Flash and [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021). The series is now becoming so popular that it could enhance its fame through games, perhaps covering storylines that would otherwise not be possible to introduce on television. There are also multiple character with multiple abilities and this allows for the possibility of characters that are popular but haven’t been seen on television.

As Legends of Tomorrow is soon to be released it is also possible to introduce levels on timelines disrupted by Vandal Savage, introducing storylines that may not have not been seen. As this series is becoming such as vast universe in terms of cities and time, there is an opportunity to introduce an Arkham City scale for the game. Imagine causing chaos with a duo fighting style with Captain Cold and Heatwave with their famous guns, or using the Flash to move from one city to the next, and then switching characters at a safe house.

How about you guys, any particular games you could think of for Rocksteady?


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