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While E3 was pretty incredible in the Final Fantasy department, Persona fans didn't really get much of an advance on the Persona 5 trailer that Atlus released a few months back. And of course we've known about Persona 5 for quite some time - it was bound to be drowned out by the noise. But I'm eager to know which game would hypothetically have the most current support.

If you were presented with the choice to have one of these games receive a release date in 2015, which one would it be? Are people really willing to sacrifice the arrival of Persona 5 over the Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Would you rather see what Square Enix accomplish with an old game than receive something completely fresh from Atlus?

Persona 5
Persona 5

Final Fantasy 7 Remake vs Persona 5 - Which Release Date Would You Pick?

Final Fantasy 7 has one of the most impressive reputations in the Video Games industry. It stand on numerous publications' top ten lists of all time, and is generally seen as the greatest game to come from Japan. But while I love Final Fantasy, or at least its earlier instalments, there's something so exciting about the arrival of something completely new.

As I find myself running through the Persona series once again, and loving every minute of these insanely long games, I can't wait to see how Atlus develop the remarkable formula they've created with this series. The trailers for Persona 5 make it look like everything I've always wanted from Persona, and even though the prospects of seeing the Final Fantasy 7 Remake in 2015 are enticing - Persona 5 wins this JRPG battle for me. It seems to have taken certain ideas and stylistic developments from Catherine, which is one of my favourite cult games of this generation!


The industry is going through an insane craze with remasters and remakes that I suppose I've become a bit desensitised to the return of a game I already know and love. Though that Uncharted trilogy will be the best way to get hyped for Uncharted 4.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake will hopefully bring the game up to date for those that have yet to engage with it, and hopefully it'll be fresh enough to warrant its price tag for devoted fans. But for now, I can wait.

But what about you JRPG fans? Would Persona 5 win the battle for a release date in 2015? Are you excited to get your hands on Atlus' continuation of the series? Or is the Final Fantasy 7 Remake all that you can think about? Let us know what you want in the comments below!


Which release date would you vote for?


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