ByLarry Glenn McEntire, writer at
Larry Glenn McEntire
All of these "facts" are not facts since this story relays no new information. Sheer Speculation. Also what has been the record so far of any actor who wants to be cast as a superhero actually getting the part that they have wanted by going to the public for support. To this point no one has gotten a role like this. I rather think that the big wigs at Marvel and DC frown upon this because they see it as an end run to their processes of selection. As to who should be who, I simply want the following: A really good story (I mean the best possible), good actors, and for God's sake good visuals that do not detract from the story-line. To me that was the abomination of Reynold's Green Lantern, it was not him so much as it was the design of the costumes and other visuals. It was underwhelming to say the least. I believe that Reynold's costume was a huge distraction and completely unrealistic. Also they spent way too much time on Hammond. Also let's be honest and say that for Green Lantern they need to come out the Gate and make the emphasis in this next incarnation the relationship between Hal and Sinestro. That relationship brings with it a lot of themes of friendship that most people can relate to. What makes a good superhero movie is that you have two things happening simultaneously: Stories that relate aspects of the human condition that people can identify with and spectacle that wows people. I could go into a postmortem that analyzes everything about the 2011 Green Lantern movie that caused it to flop but won't do it here. Suffice it to say they really did not present a Green Lantern that people could like, and I think that is important because in the end you want to root for him. I had no emotional investment at all in his version of Green Lantern. I do think that WB owes long time fans a a great version of Hal's GL, his character is foundation of the entire GL franchise.

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