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The great thing about YouTube is, when you're searching for a topic in particular, you always find it. But, sometimes it's not what you expect and the video titles can be misleading. But, there's always that one particular channel that has exactly what you're looking for, whether it's superheroes, reaction videos, animation, or even an underground musician.

I myself, have been once been one of those people who are looking for one of those topics. But, after a long, hard search, I found those rare YouTube channels that might not get many views or subscribers, but, they have the love and passion and they will not fool you.

Amazing Spider Man

Amazing Spider Man a.k.a. Daily Bugle Spidey has been making YouTube videos since 2009. A lot of his YouTube videos have consisted of inside videos of the Spider-Man movies. During the period of Febrauary and June of this year he was revealing little details of who might possibly be playing the next Spider-Man (Even though we already know.) A lot of his sources are accurate most of the time, and you don't want tom go off and say "This guy is just messing around." Recently he retired from giving us inside info, but who says he won't do it again? Here's one of his videos proving his inside sources were accurate.


This YouTube channel is perfect for any Green Day fan. His YouTube name is actually a really clever term. "Dookiefied" means he takes a newer Green Day song and gives the guitars in the song "The Dookie Sound" the famous sound Billie Joe Armstrong's guitar had on Green Day's major label debut album, Dookie. Here's a good example.

He's even released a full length album after being inspired by Green Day and a couple of comments on his videos, here's a promotional video of the awesome album he created, Brainspin!


NeonVisual has been making fan animations on YouTube for a couple of years now. It all started with this wonderful fan made Doctor Who title sequence that got him a lot more views.

And if that isn't cool enough for you, check out some of these other amazing fan made title sequences he's created!

He's even had one of his videos featured on BBC News!


JHMDF started his YouTube channel a few years ago, the primary focus being video games. He works at a booth in a Florida flea market that sells video games, and he makes videos of the games he sells and buys. He has two ongoing series of what he does. Here's a look at his first one Video Game Sellers.

He also shows us how he collects these video games by going to garage sales, which leads to his other series Garage Sale Game Finds!

JHMDF in recent years has gotten a couple of more views, but I believe he deserves more. He also works for the well known rock band "Korn" and has gotten to meet a lot of rockstars in his time with Korn.

And those are the YouTubers I believe deserve more attention and views in our day-to-day video searches.


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