ByArt Ramos, writer at
Senior Systems Analyst
Art Ramos
His dilemma over killing Zod will have ramifications leading to his development. I cannot believe that people are complaining over a little character development. This is where I think his conflict will be with Batman. Batman is the epitome of what Superman needs to be. Batman, despite Superman's revulsion to vigilantism, will come to see that Batman is uber-prepared to meet any threat. In Superman's mind, Batman is no match. Yet, Batman takes the fight to Superman and thwarts Superman!?!?! Superman has to ask himself, "How can this be?" Batman never goes into a fight without being prepared, without studying his opponent. In the comics, it is revealed that Batman keeps a database of every Hero or Criminal, whether they are super powered or not, with analysis on how to defeat them. Superman will come to realize that Batman's methods ARE what is needed; that a team can better protect the planet against uber-powerful enemies; that a team version of Batman's cave will be created (The Watchtower). Superman will at the end of the movie, give Batman an ultra pure form of Kryptonite that can instantly depower Superman -- just in case.

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