ByNathan Carter, writer at

During San Diego Comic Con, the new (and improved) Batman vs Superman trailer was released. Now, based on that trailer and other info, here are my top 3 predictions for the movie.

1: Doomsday

Remember that seen in the trailer when they are opening up the body bag with General Zod's body in it? Well my top 3 predictions for that is Luthor somehow gets his hands on that and uses it to do some bad stuff (another one of my predictions involving the body is coming later). And at the end of the movie Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are all suppose to team up against Luthor. And let's be honest, without Doomsday, he doesn't stand a chance against 3 of the most powerful heroes in the DC universe.

2: Aquaman

Jason Mamoa has been cast as king of the seven seas, Aquaman himself. Well, Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg are all suppose to make cameos in Batman vs. Superman, and there was a seen in the trailer where a man is diving underwater to grab something. I already love this movie.

3: Wonder Woman Interference

This isn't going to be Batman vs. Superman, it's Batman vs. Superman vs. Wonder Woman. Not gonna lie, I kinda love Gal Gadots Wonder Woman. I could go on about the other costumes but this part isn't about them. Wonder Woman in the trailer is shown banging her wrist braces together to create this huge explosion thing. I can't wait to see her on the big screen.


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