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Good-morning to anyone in MoviePilotU, as I never have been good at formal introductions I'll start with this, this weekend in movies. Ant-Man obviously took the throne as the number one movie of the weekend, but what about that star-studded sleeper comedy by Judd Apatow? Minions?

OK lets begin... Ant-Man is the newest introduction into the monster collection of Marvels on screen reality that I was hoping would not disappoint me in the adaptation that it was sure to go through in it's quest to the big screen. Obviously with it being a Marvel movie it comes with the damn near guarantee of opening at number 1 in the box office. These blogs will not be posted to talk about which movies are best, the numbers they generate, or the vast amount of ass-kissing that major blog sites tend to give to major companies movies. No... It's all just how I feel about the movie as a whole, and what you as a potential movie goer should expect going with as few *spoilers* as humanly possible. Paul Rudd stars as the mini hero and under my quizzical eye doesn't deliver a horrible performance as Scott Lang the ex convict turned super hero. The movie pace was is a complete different persons blog to speak on, but ultimately it's enjoyable and is genuinely funny.

The story is as follows, Hank Pym invents a top secret government experiment in the early 80's called the "Pym Theorem" which is basically the fluid that turns an average sized human into an ant sized bad ass, However after a devastating mishap, Hank Pym realizes the flaw of the theorem, and even worse realizes that this theorem in the wrong hands could become extremely dangerous, to which I sigh because that's only extremely obvious. So enter (Paul Rudd) Scott Lang on his last day in lock up, his first day in the real world, and in this hope that he will no longer commit major felonies for being the cat burglar that took down a major company who ripped off their costumers for billions of dollars. He is picked up by his long term lock up buddy Luis (Michael Pena). With whom he's living with until he can find a job and support his adorable daughter. To say the very least things get rocky, and it's extremely difficult to find work. Scott's daughter's mother is heavily dating a cop, and wants Scott to pay child support before he is allowed visitation to see his kid. Long story short crime becomes extremely tempting, and after a very long, and very sketchy explanation from Pena, Scott and company (including a solid performance from rapper TI) go on to commit the heist.

Because a bunch of the middle of the story would result in me breaking the spoiler rule I set a little over twenty minutes ago lets just say there's a suit Scott takes it, and It's down hill from there, but why does he have this suit? Simply enough... evil need to be stopped and the forces of good need to triumph! (This isn't the order of the movies story but it's my party and I can jump around if I want to) Enter Darrin Cross the extremely wealthy and insane owner of Cross Enterprises. Who has an obsession with the Pym Theorem, and has spent his enter life trying to copy it, and to once and for all one up his mentor Hank Pym. He has the ability to shrink objects but he's close to getting humans under grasp. His suite (the truly one up intended-ly named Yellow Jacket) is made for the purpose of war, murder, and death-ness... Yah you get the point. Hank need Scott (with him being extremely smart and super sketchy in morals to dawn the suite and do whatever it takes to insure that the "Cross Theorem" never sees the light of day.

Well this is where I'm going to end the back story. Honestly it's a better movie then I originally gave it credit for being and I strongly suggest you watch it, however this weekend didn't end there. Judd Apatow released a movie as well! Yes! Judd Apatow (40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and every movie like that... Ok that's not fair, but I'm not above pretending that he's been using the same formula for years... successfully) released a movie called Trainwreck starring Bill Hader and Amy Schumer.

Amy (Amy Schumer) is a 30 something year old woman who works at New York based magazine S'nuff, and leads a questionably promiscuous life-style. She's "kinda dating" a muscle head named Steven (John Cena), who comes off humorously gay, and a bit over the top, but still enjoyable even though John doesn't quite make me believe he's a different person then the guy he is every Monday on Raw entertaining children (ass shot and use of colorful language aside of course). Amy at her core is a Daddy's girl and lives as her father has running through guys in a way that is a little insulting to guys. She is also self centered and vain (She should be from Los Angeles). After a co-worker comes up with a pitch to interview esteemed sports physician Aaron Conners, and the story gets handed (based on her hatred for sports) to Amy.

Amy hates the job, and takes the story as a joke. Enter Aaron (Bill Hader) who is a guarded and kind man (the type of guy that Amy wouldn't be caught dead with), but after a drunken night and more fornication Amy has a different look at life. The next hour is the basic Apatow type of love story (I love you, but I don't know how to love you type deal). The story is ultimately funny which I think is the point, however i was expecting a little more meat to an other wise jump story.

Minions came in at number 2 in the box office, all you have to know is Minions, Banana's, Scarlet Overkill, and the introduction of Guru and you have the whole movie in a nutshell. I'll be adding a blog about The Avengers, and some clarification of the end spots and Michael Pena's final monologue, as well as some DC comic news and information. 7/10 in the movies this weekend.


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