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I majored in film in college, only to find out i would learn most things outside of my classes. So I guess this is the stuff that I've lear
Mel Mautone

If you read my last post, I gave a quick review on Buzzfeed Yellow's video about female to male role reversal in media. Last week they put up a second video focusing on men being treated like women in film.

This video makes more really good points on how women can be treated in the film industry. Both of the videos did a really good job of making their point, because when the roles are reversed, everything suddenly seems ridiculous. Take one of the first instances in this video for example: "Come on, how many movies are written and directed by men these days?" Seems like a weird thing to say, right? Or in the last video, when a male writer is being told that females need to be brought in to do touch ups on the script because no one wants to see a guy comedy. By these situations being presented in this ridiculous manor, we can then better see how this would be ridiculous when women in the industry have to face these problems in real life.


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