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Batman is one of the characters in the DC Cinematic Universe with plenty of great villains. Creating a solo Batman movie would be perfect to display many of these villains and not just the regular Joker. Here are my ideas for said villain.

Black Mask

With Ben Affleck most likely to direct and write this movie, as I believe it was never truly announced, Black Mask would be a good villain for the movie. Affleck excels at crime dramas and dark movies, shown with The Town, so making a movie that encompasses both of them at once could create a movie tailored to Affleck's skills and provide the opportunity to make sure Batman finely tunes his skills before the Justice League calls, as Black Mask and his men are no small obstacle. He is a tough villain with loyal fighters. It would be not only a great movie Affleck would excel in making, it could be entertaining yet dark.

Hugo Strange

If the franchise wants to go extremely dark and creepy, this man should be the villain. A team-up with Scarecrow and Batman would have two extremely smart and formidable foes prepared to take over the city. He would be against the odds and in a Gotham City similar to one of Arkham Knight, as Gotham would be forced to evacuate all people due to whatever concoction the men created. It would be Batman and only Batman against a city of evil.


Having an older Batman would work here. A Batman that has not fought in a long time could work in this situation. You have a perfect assassin trying to kill an out of shape Batman. He would eventually meet a Batman that has trained and is level but with a Batman that has not fought in a long time, there would be many beatdowns at the hands of Deathstroke and could come close to Death's Doors in this film. It would be Batman close to death and fighting an uphill battle against a man who would do anything to kill him.

Mr. Freeze

If you don't know already, people don't really like Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze. Creating a Mr. Freeze that is less corny and actually about destroying Batman would be much better and supply a villain that could be dark and forgive me, cold. Batman would have to fight with wits and strength against the intelligent yet strong Mr. Freeze and the movie would re imagine a great villain that could supply a Batman movie with a fantastic opposition to our hero.

The Riddler

How cool would it be to see a Batman that has to fight with all of his wits and strength to take down the man that has captured the only person he loves, his butler Alfred? The Riddler is a great villain, a crazy one at that, and could make a Batman movie intelligent, mind-boggling and yet still supply plenty of action and suspense to make the movie entertaining. Making Jake Gyllenhaal, a man who can play crazy well, the Riddler could make the character intense and scary and I believe this villain could be one of the best villains Batman has faced yet.

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