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So I was trying to think what to write about, and a few amazing movies and T.V shows came to mind, but then as per usual I zoned out and started daydreaming about something else: Man I love that show... Ooo I have two more episodes to watch on catch up... I haven't watched that film in a while so guess what I'm doing tonight!... They really are amazing... Why do I love them so much?...

Then it hit me. Why?

What is it about a film or T.V show that makes us become obsessed and addicted? What is it that makes a movie or show sooooo awesome? After hearing a few opinions on people's favourite films and shows, and doing a little research of my own (when I say research I mean Netflix binge) I think I've found a few things that contribute to making a brilliant film or show.

1). What It's About

Friends - it's about the shenanigans of a few close friends. Scrubs - it's about the lives of people in a hospital called Sacred Heart. HARRY POTTER - it's about a wizard. Family Guy - it's about a family and their friends in Quahog. I have just made all of these sound so unbelievably boring and have turned them into basic concepts, and some of them sound similar to each other. What turns something boring into something amazing is what you do with an idea, how you develop it. You also need a good script - a show or film is amazing because it is written well. So how do you make something better?

2). Characters

The characters in a hit show or movie are one of the reasons so many of us become addicted to something. If you can make a character realistic and relateable then you have a winner. For example, Friends is a comedy so obviously the characters will be funny, but a lot of the humour comes from the different personalities. We laugh at Chandler because he is sarcastic, we laugh at Phoebe because she's crazy and so on. In Breakfast at Tiffany's, Holly Golightly is a complicated character because real people are complicated, they have several traits and needs and are not one-dimensional. The Harry Potter films are great examples for realistic, relateable characters because like real people we see them grow and develop and we witness their very human reactions to situations - they're not happy all the time or perfect. They get angry and upset at things. Like normal people.

But deep down, these characters are good people, and we can't wait to see what happens in their lives. That's why characters keep us hooked.

Also, good acting is required. Characters aren't going to look as good or be as compelling if you can't portray them accurately.

3). Special Effects

If a film looks impressive, then I am more likely to go see it. It can make a film look and feel EPIC! if the colours are vibrant and if it's in HD. For example, the trailer below looks amazing! It wouldn't have the same effect if you could tell there was a green screen for example, or if Ant-Man was wearing a bin-bag.

4). Cliff Hangers and Twists

OH NO HE DIDN'T! OH MY GOD NEXT ONE QUICK!! I HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE WEEK FOR THE NEXT ONE?! I HAVE TO WAIT A YEAR FOR THE SEQUEL!! If the audience is saying something like this, then you've just turned a lot of people into T.V junkies (if they weren't already) - which is a good thing. We love movies and shows because we want to watch more and we can't get enough of it. We talk about the characters like they're our best friends and we will be shocked for days about what we just watched but so excited for more. For me, this is what makes my favourite movies and shows awesome.

So, what do you think makes a movie awesome? Comment below!

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