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Arrow season 3 was quite the rollercoaster of emotions, criticism, and action. Overall, it was the fun, wild ride with typical CW soap opera love stories we all know and love. Or hate. Either way, we left off with Oliver and Felicity driving off into the sunset, far away from Starling City. Since then, we've seen Stephen Amell in full Green Arrow garb at SDCC 2015:

That costume has not failed this city.
That costume has not failed this city.

Pretty sweet, right? But, we're not here to talk about the heroes, right? So, what sort of villains will we see in Season 4? Well, besides Damien Dahrk (Neal McDonough) and H.I.V.E., Amell himself has said that it would be dealing with magic and the like. So, could we see Enchantress show up, or even someone like Dr. Fate? I doubt that either will appear, and I'm hoping for the resurgence of another force of evil: Task Force X.

Wolverine, Dr. Tam, and Nick Fury walk into a bar..
Wolverine, Dr. Tam, and Nick Fury walk into a bar..

Yes, that's right, the Suicide Squad. I know we're getting some film about them, but since that looks boring, we'll stick with the Arrowverse's very own. Also, I was kidding about the boring part, so all of you who just hated on me down in the comments section can apologize. Anyway, the team we originally had was as follows: Bronze Tiger (Ben Turner), Shrapnel (Mark Scheffer), Deadshot (Floyd Lawton), Freelancer (John Diggle), Harbinger (Lyla Diggle), and of course, Amanda Waller. However, by the end of Season 3, only the Diggles and Waller remained. However, John and Lyla are no longer a part of the Squad, so, who does Amanda have to play with now? Let's take a look, shall we?

Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness):

Master of the...well...boomerang, Harkness (played by Nick Taraby) has worked as a mercenary who worked for and against A.R.G.U.S. The last time we saw him was in Episode 3.08 of Arrow, where he attempted to blow up the city. Of course, our heroes Flash and Arrow thwarted the attack and saved the city. Now, he's serving time on Waller's team.


Currently a prisoner of A.R.G.U.S., Raven's abilities are unknown, and the only time we've seen him, as well as our next member, is in Arrow 2.23, the season finale.


Here we have another inmate that helped the Diggles force Waller to stop the drone strike, played by Michael Adamthwaite.

For the final current member of the Arroweverse squad, I'm going to show you a video:

Yes, Harley Quinn, voiced by Tara Strong, made her appearance on Arrow episode 2.16. Now, this was meant as just a nod to the fans, and the comics, but, she's technically in the Squad, and could potentially come back as a larger part later on.

Now, I doubt that any but Boomerang will really show up on the show. He's the only character to appear in multiple episodes and actually play the role as a main villain. And while there will be two Boomerangs (the other played by Jai Courtney in Suicide Squad), I doubt that Quinn will become a factor in the show for similar reasons. legal issues would prevent there being two characters of the same name, so it seems. So, with that in mind, here are a few characters not in Task Force X, but who could be. First up, we have a fan favorite:

Deathstroke (Slade Wilson):

Great costume? No. Great acting? Yes.
Great costume? No. Great acting? Yes.

Manu Bennett smashes this role right out of the park. He's the perfect combo of crazy and cool, collected psychosis that's needed for Wilson. Sadly, he's just hanging out in Lian Yu, at Oliver's special resort for supervillains. However, he's one character I don't think that people can get enough of, so to see the Merc With an Eye show back up on-screen would be awesome. He's also a key member of the Squad in the comics, and since the film isn't utilizing his skills... well, you get the idea.

The General (Wade Eiling):

Manipulative, immoral, and downright dirty, Eiling was a pretty annoying and hated villain of the Flash's first season. Clancy Brown played the role, and we last saw Eiling being released from the Pipeline after his encounter with Grodd. The General of the comics is Eiling's alter ego, a powerful, mutilated being with regenerative powers and incredible strength. He's not as cool as Red Skull, but think of something like that.

Captain Cold (Leonard Snart):

Wentworth Miller plays the cold and calculating adversary of the Flash throughout the first season. While the character is going to appear as a major part of the Legends of Tomorrow, Cold is still known for his work on the Suicide Squad. Were they to return, I for one would love to see him work with the team.

Atom Smasher (Albert Rothstein):

Able to grow up to sixty feet without any difficulty, Atom Smasher is an equivalent to Marvel's Giant Man. Adam Copeland was recently cast as the villain, and will play him in the opening episodes of The Flash. He's a long-time member of the Suicide Squad, and while I'm not choosing who I'd like to have on a team, a sixty foot dude with wrestling skills wouldn't be a bad pick.

Killer Frost (Caitlin Snow):

Danielle Panabaker appeared as the villain in a "flash-forward" as Barry ploughed through a time vortex to reach his mom in the season finale. It's also been sort of confirmed that Frost will be appearing in Season 2, though it's not clear whether she'll be playing a good or evil character. The original (well, technically second) Killer Frost was Louise Lincoln, who often served on the Suicide Squad, so, could we see Snow doing the same? In the comics, Snow is on a search to find Firestorm, and, since the two are married in the show, she might would have to join the Squad at some point to search for Donnie.

So, there you go! I hope that you enjoyed this little rundown of the current and potential members of the Suicide Squad. Personally, I would love to see another cross-over event between Flash and Arrow, and force them to deal with this team. Maybe even have some of them working for Darhk as a sub-villain for Season 4. Perhaps they'll end up working against the Justice....I mean Legends of Tomorrow as the new superhero team takes on Vandal Savage. Shoot, can I hear someone say "Spin-off show?" Seems like everyone's getting one these days. Whatever happens, the CW needs more 'Squad, and I'm hoping that we'll finally see some of those character take the stage in Task Force X.


Should the Suicide Squad make a return to the Arrowverse?


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