ByJoe Myers, writer at
It's funny that you think that no one wants to see Black Widow or Wasp leading a movie when there has been an overwhelming call for a Black Widow solo movie ever since she first appeared in Iron Man 2. Wasp would be an awesome solo movie as well, and a Rogue movie (provided she's the badass Rogue from the comics) would make bank. We don't want to see them in a movie just to see skin. There's the internet for that. We want to see them solo a film because they're badass characters and they would kick ass. In fact, the first ass they need to kick on screen is someone saying disparaging remarks about female superheroes, like yourself. Females and males are equal and if you truly believe that you're better than a woman just because you're bigger and stronger and can intimidate them, then you are, in fact, the inferior one. A real man recognizes what a woman can accomplish and respects them as the equals that they are. I feel sorry for anyone who actually knows you, as you can't be a pleasant person to be around. Learn respect or you'll just get trampled by the rest of humanity as we pass you by. And just wait and see. Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel will be some of the strongest selling movie tickets this decade.

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