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As excitement for Supergirl kicks into high-gear after this year's San Diego Comic Con, it looks as though the producers are looking to add to the already impressive cast lineup -- in a particularly interesting way.

According to TV Line, will introduce the recurring character of Lucy Lane. If that name sounds familiar, it's because Lucy is the younger sister of Lois Lane, the Metropolis-based journalist extraordinaire that fans may also know as Superman's primary love interest. Lucy, beautiful and intelligent like her older sister, arrived in the comics as something of a challenge to Supergirl; not only is Lucy the ex-girlfriend of James (formerly Jimmy) Olson -- whom Kara has the hots for in the pilot episode -- but also, potentially, as a superpowered rival of Kara's.

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If the show sticks to it's comic book roots as respectfully as it seems to be, fans may very well see the costumed vigilante Superwoman, one of Supergirl's most deadly foes. In fact, this author hopes that this possibility is what's going to happen - one of the biggest downfalls of shows focusing on women are love triangles that take over the main plot, and Supergirl has a lot to prove.

Despite the success of Marvel's Agent Carter and the beloved heroines of superhero TV at the moment, Supergirl stands as something different: it's a show that lacks the dark and gritty overtones of its cousins (despite the spot-on comedic timing of The Flash), and also heralds an almost dominantly female cast, with the talented Melissa Benoist in the title role. Powering up the show with female villains is awesome, but there's still much to be seen from this new title after the successes and failures of its predecessors.

Do you hope Lucy becomes Superwoman? Are there any major villains you're hoping to see come to life on the show? Let us know in the comments!


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