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It has been a couple of months since the first news broke out that a film for the 2012 book "The Human Women Guide" was going to be made. Updates for the film's script have been scarce lately until this month. The script now has two characters developed by the names of "Miles" and "Clarah". Clarah holds a dark past that makes it hard for her to continue with her future while Miles is a man who would do the impossible to get things right but never actually does. The story will have multiple main characters and will not revolve entirely on one character. Everyone has a story. And things will get pretty tense.

See how the past of one person can affect another
See how the past of one person can affect another

The film will show the good and bad outcomes of relationships. Diving the viewer into a realistic relationship world. Even showing men getting abused, rather than sticking to one sided stories. This takes drama films to a whole new level.


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