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Baby DC Geek. Although I don't hate Marvel.
Neo Bryce Largo

I'm stoked. I have been crazy for the past few months, keeping myself up to date on the "DCCU". (Now officially named the DC Extended Universe) Now let me get to the comic-con trailer. was orgasmic. It's a childhood dream come true. For years now, I have been wishing to see a live-action Justice League movie. Ever since I first saw that Justice League Animated Series that had aired on the Cartoon Network years ago, as a child there was nothing more important to me than to be able to see that be realized before my eyes. Now it's finally happening and just a few more years away! The comic-con trailer blew me away.

It was the first time I ever saw the Holy Trinity in action and it was fire. My Marvel geek friend knocked on my dorm room at 4 in the morning to tell me they've officially released a comic-con trailer so yeah...didn't wait for him to start insulting DC and immediately slammed the door on him, turned on my laptop and...just. went. nuts. I am just ready now. My soul is prepared.

And then, there's this:

Wonder Woman Finally In Action

So delish to watch! The next scenes were just boom! boom! and BOOM! Delightful!

I don't freaking care about the casting or the box-office (although I do...really) or the technicalities of the universe. I just want to see the movie like right then and there.

I gave it a 9 because I'll reserve the remaining 1 point when I finally see it. JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYBEEEEH!


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