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We have all seen the Batman vs Superman trailer, and lets face it, we all loved it. For me though, there was a huge sore thumb that was alarmingly obvious in the trailer: Jesse Eisenberg's take on Lex Luthor, whichfor me, ruined the entire trailer for me.

Before I delve into why, I would just like to say that I admire Jesse Eisenberg as an actor, he is great and will be even better in the future, but he is not Lex Luthor.

Here are 3 reasons as to why Lex Luthor ruined the Batman Vs Superman trailer for me:

1. His Voice

To me, one of the great things Lex Luthor has is a truly menacing voice, and alls Jesse Eisenberg did was provide a voice of a whiny, spoiled kid, The 'Red Capes are coming speech' proves my point. It's not Lex Luthor, or at least not how it should be. All the previous Lex Luthors had a fairly menacing voice, and I don't mind the film taking liberties from the comics, but I just don't see how a high pitched, whiny voice can help a villain to be more menacing.

2. His Ridiculous Hair!!!

Another key thing about Lex Luthor in the comics is that he is bald. Now in the older Superman movies, Lex Luthor had hair and he was good, but the poster released a few months ago showed Lex Luthor bald, which means that either WB have mislead us, which is just awful. Or there is a story based relation to Jesse Eisenberg bald status, which has potential, but I hope that it is not a forced plot to squeeze into an already compact movie.

3. His teenage look.

Once again, this is different from the comics, which I do not care for. It worked for Michael Rosenbaum, but Superman was in school as well. Now the Man of Steel is in his prime, and Lex Luthor looks to be younger than Superman. I know Warner Bros. looks to try and create an origins story but with Batman coming out of retirement and Superman already out saving the world, for me it just does not fit well into the story.


Will this Lex Luthor work in Batman V Superman?

So what do you think? Comment below and let me know!


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