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Back in the 1980s, I spent most of my "growing up" time in front of the TV or out riding bikes in the neighborhood. While books weren't far from my mind, I was really into anything that scared me or caused me to try and solve a mystery. I knew very few kids that had comic books, and if they did, they were commonly ridiculed or considered a nerd.

I think I was easily in my mid-30s by the time I even held a comic book in my hand that I purchased to read.

Yet today, superhero and comic culture has moved way beyond the closet nerds that excitedly ran to grab every new issue. It is a movement; a way of life. Comic book pages are literally springing to life on the Big and Small Screens. Every network today has its own version of a superhero show. Every production company has fought for the rights of one franchise or another, trying to capitalize on the latest craze of men in capes and tights.

But when will it end? Will there ever come a time when networks and studios start to think outside the box and create something NEW?

Marvel and DC Have Cornered the Box Office

Take a look at the infographic below. The next four years are nothing but big-budget superhero movies.

I can see how this is a puzzling stance to take considering that this is published on Moviepilot, but the above schedule concerns me.

As a lover of good storytelling, I fear for the film industry if this trend continues. Great movies like, Chef or St. Vincent, seem to be pushed aside to tell yet another origin story or promote another major franchise coming to life.

A lot of the movies in the chart above will no doubt have a cast of big names and great talent, but that does nothing to quell the fears I have. Sure, films like this are fun in summer, when you expect the big blockbuster type films to dominate the box office, but to have them coming out steadily year round for the next FOUR years? I am already exhausted at the prospect.

Where are the meaningful films with little action, and giant character development? Where is the next flick like Gone Girl or Good Will Hunting? I can only hope that Hollywood gets an influx of some new blood that will help unique scripts and pilots flourish with creativity and a pronounced desire to write something amazing.


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