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Marvel's Ant-Man went to number one at the box office this weekend, giving star Paul Rudd his biggest-ever movie opening. Not all of Rudd's movies have been big hitters at the box office, but there has been one consistent detail to the career of Hollywood's most likeable funny guy - which is that, even back in the '90s (a dark decade for fashion), he has always been mad suave.

In celebration of this fact, let's take a look back at five classic occasions on which Paul Rudd looked way more suave than you.

1. Dressed as an astronaut, dancing with Juliet

Remember that time you went to a fancy dress party dressed as Buzz Lightyear, hoping you'd catch the eye of that girl you liked, but knowing secretly she'd be too busy looking at some other guy with more money and better hair than you?

That never happened to Paul Rudd.

Who else could make an excessively padded astronaut costume look as smart as an Armani tux? Dave Paris may not have won Juliet's heart, but he certainly won the prize for suavest kid at the Capulet ball. Paul, we salute thee.

2. Having a mid-life crisis in This is 40

Excellent choice of shirt. Gotta admire the way his hair still waves like it's '95. Neither you nor I will look this suave at any point in our lives. Try and make peace with that fact.

3. Kissing Dame Helen Mirren just because

So committed is Paul Rudd to the art of sharing a good anecdote that he planted an unexpected smoocher on the lips of a very willing Dame Helen Mirren whilst promoting This is 40 on the Graham Norton Show.

And damn, did he look suave swapping saliva with a woman 23 years his senior. Although, considering the fact that Paul Rudd is actually ageing in reverse, there was probably a time he and Helen Mirren were the same age.

4. Sporting wholly inappropriate facial hair in Our Idiot Brother

OK, so I'm not a part of the exclusive group of people who have actually seen My Idiot Brother, a 2011 comedy also starring Elizabeth Banks and Zooey Deschanel. And, having found and studied on this image in the dark depths of the internet, I'm really not sure why I would need to watch this film at all. How could any aspect of it possibly top Paul Rudd's incredible beard/beanie hat combo?

WARNING: do not attempt to recreate this look at home. It will not work; only Paul Rudd can pull off hobo-suave.

5. Trolling Conan O'Brien like an absolute pro, countless times during his career

Every time Paul Rudd goes on Conan to promote a movie, he trolls the chat show host by playing a clip from the cheese-tactic '80s movie Mac and Me, instead of the movie he's really meant to be promoting. Here he is promoting Ant-Man, looking dastardly suave, and getting one over on Conan yet again.

So there you have it. Five of the countless moments in which Paul Rudd looked suave as fresh hell. So go and watch Ant-Man, revel in the glory of a Marvel adventure that does not feature Iron Man or Captain America, and try not to get too mad about the fact that a miniature human being fighting his nemesis on board a toy train looks suaver than you did on prom night.


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